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The Google Ads Course

Welcome to The Google Ads Course & Master Class by ClickGUARD. This Google Ads course will take you from zero to hero with your Google Ads. Not only will you learn theoretical application but hidden gems that we have picked up over the past years after analyzing thousands of Google Ads account from all over the world and nearly every industry out there.

This isn’t a colourful badge certification programme, this is “the hell week” of Google ads. The ultimate of the ultimate Google Ads Course brought to you directly from “the trenches”.

The Google Ads Course & Masterclass 🔥

We believe in results, not titles.
Step inside and buckle in for the ride.

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$50 million saved from click fraud
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How long is the Google Ads Course?

This Google Ads Course is designed to last 6 weeks.

One module per week plus our weekly Google Ads quiz and tip-of-the-week you will be up to speed in no time at all.  Start with Google Ads TODAY like a champ and then take your ads to the next level 🚀

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How to get started with The Google Ads Course & Master Class?

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Welcome to the new era with this Google Ads Course this training will get you started on your PPC Journey 🚀 - enjoy the ride!
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