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ClickGUARD stops all money wasting click fraud on Google Ads 

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Fast and easy activation for immediate protection

Starting with ClickGUARD is easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up our click tracking and monitoring process.

Simple signup

It is super easy to create an account and connect your Google Ads with ClickGUARD.

Create An Account

Sign up and choose the best plan for your business based on the required degree of customization and support.

Link Google Ads

Connect your newly created ClickGUARD account to your Google Ads.

Paid traffic monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all incoming traffic allows us instantly start monitoring the exact source, network, and post-click behavior details of every visitor exactly as clicks happen on your ads.

Get full behavioral analytics

Our system analyses the visitor behavior characteristics of every click against common fraud patterns.

Audit every click

ClickGUARD instantly audits and cross-references every click with thousands of data sources across the web.

Identify & classify

Easily identify bots, competitors, proxy networks click farms and various fraudulent activity sources with custom rules.

Identify bad clicks

Easily identify bots, competitors, proxy networks click farms and various fraudulent activity sources with real-time scoring.

Get full click transparency

Easily identify bots, competitors, proxy networks click farms and various fraudulent activity sources with custom rules.

Blocks and protects

We need only one click from any source to figure out if and when a blocking action should be enacted to protect your campaigns from abusive sources.

Stop fraudulent clicks

Instantly block IP ranges, devices, or entire internet service providers (ISPs) in order to protect your advertising budget.

Block wasteful sources automatically

Don’t spend time monitoring and reacting to each individual attack – we’ve got it covered!

Learns and adapts

After installing our tracking template in your Google Ads and adding our tracking pixel to your website, ClickGUARD is ready to work on autopilot.

Smart algorithm

The adaptive algorithm learns and gets smarter with each click. As a result, you’ll experience superior protection every time.

Real-time optimization

Real-time optimization based on millions of clicks from thousands of Google Ads accounts.

Powerful reporting

ClickGUARD offers multiple types of forensic reports for IPs, devices, placements, keywords, and more. Each category providing a specific set of metrics and dimensions.

Forensic reporting

Get detailed analytical reports that show potential problems so you can adjust protection settings for existing campaigns.

Refund claims documents

Download comprehensive click logs at any time to submit and make a solid case for Google Ads refunds claims.

The benefits of ClickGUARD

ClickGUARDs unique approach and highly customizable technology creates a multitude of benefits for Google-Ads clients. 
Stop click fraud
Eliminate fraud and all wasteful clicks from your Google-Ads.
Get better leads 
Target leads that are more likely to convert with real-time optimization.
Boost conversions
Get your ads in front of the right people who are likely to convert.
Improve profitability
Maximize campaign ROI with intent optimization rules.

Most effective Click Fraud Protection

Elite Google Ads professionals consistently rate ClickGUARD as the best click fraud protection platform for effectiveness, features and value on G2Crowd, Crozdesk, TrustRadius, TrustPilot and more.

Protecting the worlds leading Google Ads professionals from wasteful ad clicks.

The world's #1 network for fighting Google Ads waste. 


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Built for true data-driven Google Ads professionals

ClickGUARD is used by data-driven Google Ads marketing professionals and in advertising agencies that demand full accountability for every ad click.
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Make the most of your budget on Google Ads and outperform your competitors through real-time campaign optimization.
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Scale your Google Ads services with tools that deliver value and true peace of mind for your customers.
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