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Grow your business. Scale your PPC efforts. Securely. Easily.

Your Google Ads campaigns deserve, can, and will do better.


Ads accounts and domains protected by ClickGUARD

Without ClickGUARD

No way to block competitor clicks & bots

Your budget gets wasted on irrelevant traffic

Limited access to your data & manual reports

Difficult to scale your PPC Ads

No way to eliminate scaled click fraud attacks

Difficult to build a sustainable PPC funnel

Your budget gets wasted on wasteful clicks

With ClickGUARD

Effectively block competitor clicks & bots

Saves your budget and improves your ROI

Access to your data & automated reporting

Scale your PPC Ads securely

Block click fraud attacks at scale

Keep your marketing funnel clean & effective

No more wasted budget

Stop bad clicks from stealing your PPC Ads ROI!

Click fraud is real and it’s affecting your PPC budget. More than half of all web traffic is generated by bots. All those bad clicks - competitor clicks, bots, wasteful clicks - you can stop them. ClickGUARD gives you visibility on each of the clicks on your campaigns, allowing you to stop the poor-performing ones, scale the high-converting ones, and watch your advertising ROI take off.

Do more with your
PPC Ads budget

As an entrepreneur, you want to make every click and every cent invested in your PPC Ads count. With ClickGUARD, you can get in-depth post-click analysis for all the clicks on your campaigns. Don’t play any guessing games - look into the actions and numbers, identify user intent, and make
data-driven decisions.

Protect your PPC Ads from click fraud attacks at scale

When you are running several big-budget campaigns for your company, potential botnet attacks can be worrying. Not blocking them will impact both your marketing budget and your capability to efficiently scale your marketing efforts. ClickGUARD takes care of eliminating click waste, so you can scale your PPC effortlessly.

More than just click fraud

Our system has been intelligently designed to block more than just click fraud. We block all bad clicks, intentional or not – so you can rest assured that every single cent you put into your paid channels translates into clicks likely to convert. Invalid clicks, click fraud, bots – we block them all.

PPC Ads reporting, made easy

No more running around after data five minutes before your meeting. No more time wasted on manual copy & pasting. No more human error.

Generate reports instantly – on demand or recurrently, as you prefer. Get all your PPC data in one place, so you can create accurate reports for management, leadership, and investors.

YOU are in control

With ClickGUARD, you’re in control. You choose which specific triggers will block bad PPC traffic. You adjust how restrictive you want our protection system to be.

All with just a couple of buttons you can toggle on and off, whenever you want, in whatever combination you want it.

How it works

ClickGUARD’s data-driven approach and highly customizable technology create a multitude of benefits for PPC advertisers.

Identify click waste

Easily identify click fraud, bots, competitors click farms, and botnets clicking on your Ads.

Block bad traffic

Stop wasteful and irrelevant traffic from hurting your PPC efforts.

Grow your Ads’ ROI

Improve your customer acquisition performance with PPC Ads and increase ROI.

Analyze effectively

Optimize your ads for intent using our in-built reporting.

Scale safely with ClickGUARD

Secure and safely scale your campaigns like never before.

“Three days after trying ClickGUARD, we went from a 40% budget burn down to a 0.00%. The problem was eliminated.”

Todd Nevins


And thousands more of 5 star reviews