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ClickGUARD Integrations

ClickGUARD easily integrates and plays well with many of the most popular platform


Google Ads
Link your AdWords account in a matter of minutes by providing your AdWords account number and approving access to ClickGUARD’s Protector account. Instantly optimize your ads and protect your budget from wasteful ad clicks with intelligent auto-blocking.
Google Tag Manager
Install ClickGUARD tracking to your website in even the most complex tracking / analytics setups with the power of Google Tag Manager, without the need to edit website code.

CMS Platforms

Link your WordPress site to your ClickGUARD account and install tracking in a matter of minutes with the official ClickGUARD WordPress plugin without the need to edit website code. Additionally, the plugin offers summary stats for your monthly or daily ad traffic.
Easily track collect forensic data and install ClickGUARD tracking on your Joomla website by going into the Templates section, editing your default template and pasting the tracking code before the ending tag.
Easily track collect forensic data and install ClickGUARD tracking on your Drupal website by using a module such as Header and Footer Scripts to simply paste the tracking code.

Landing & Lead Capture

Leadpages is a leading landing pages building platform that Easily integrates with ClickGUARD protective and tracking services. Easily integrate ClickGUARD tracking with Leadpages by visiting “Page Tracking” > “Analytics” and pasting the tracking code in the “Immediately before the closing tag” textbox.
Use landing pages optimized for conversion by LanderApp along with ClickGUARD tracking code for fully integrated monitoring and proactive defence.
ClickFunnels is a lead capture platform used to build and optimize landing pages and sales funnels. Easily integrate ClickGUARD tracking with pages optimized with Clickfunnel by visiting the ”Page Editor”, going to “Settings” > “Tracking Codes” and pasting the tracking code within the “Footer Code” tab.
Easily integrate ClickGUARD protective and tracking services into landing pages created and optimized by Unbounce by selecting the “Javascripts” option and pasting the tracking code with the "Before Body End Tag" option on.

Website Hosting

Weebly is a complete platform that allows anyone to start and grow an online business with curated website templates, powerful ecommerce and integrated marketing. Integrate ClickGUARD tracking in seconds by going into “Settings” > “SEO” > “Header Code” and pasting the tracking code.
Drum up some great buzz about your product, service, event, with Launchrock hosted sites to easily track paid traffic. Use the advanced editor to inject ClickGUARD tracking code and start monitoring and defending your site in seconds.
Squarespace is a leading content management and hosting platform all in one for website builders. Integrate ClickGUARD proactive tracking in seconds using the “Code Injection” area in “Advanced Settings” or within “Page Settings”.
Host your website with HubSpot to build beautiful web pages, optimize them for mobile, and personalize content for every visitor – without a web developer. To easily add ClickGUARD tracking, navigate to “Content” > “Landing Pages” or “Website Pages”, then edit any page. Select “Advanced Options” and scroll down to the “Advanced Code Snippets” section and paste the tracking code.
Wix cloud-based web development platform allows you to easily create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of simple online drag and drop tools. Integrate ClickGUARD tracking in a jiffy by selecting “Manage Website” >

“Click Tracking & Analytics” and using “New Tool” > “Custom” to get the custom code inject editor. Paste the tracking code and configure it to render on “Body - end”.

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows you to set up and maintain an online store to sell your goods. Integrating ClickGUARD tracking with Shopify is a breeze when using the “Additional scripts” box (recommended) or editing the store template.
Magento is a leading ecommerce platform and CMS. Linking ClickGUARD is made easy by installing the ClickGUARD Magento plugin for direct integration and proactive monitoring of all website traffic.
As a complete ecommerce solution, BigCommerce allows you to set up your online store to sell just about anything. Add ClickGUARD tracking code to the “Script” area for an easy integration and start proactive click tracking in seconds.
Volusion is one of the larger ecommerce online store builders that allow you to quickly start selling without being a technical nerd. Integration with ClickGUARD is easy, simply paste the tracking code in the footer of the famous “Article 130” and get it working as a “ROI_Javascript” in seconds.


Integrate ClickGUARD's Slack bot for one of your Slack channel to get ClickGUARD notifications directly in Slack. Easily configure exactly what kind of notifications you wish to receive via Slack.
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