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Click fraud is killing your ad budget 

Fact. A $9 billion sub-zero-cold-blooded fact. Finish it once and forever with ClickGUARD, at 50% off.

Most effective Click Fraud Protection

Elite Google Ads professionals consistently rate ClickGUARD as the best click fraud protection platform for effectiveness, features and value on G2Crowd, Crozdesk, TrustRadius, TrustPilot and more.

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Karina T.
CEO and Founder

"Amazing Click Fraud Protection Tool that Delivers More Than Expected!"

I started using ClickGUARD to manage click fraud, but after I set up the landing page and conversion tracking code, I realized this tool delivers more than just fraudulent clicks. I started seeing the user behavior and I was able to adjust my campaigns accordingly.
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Mario S.
Digital Marketing Specialist

"Well worth the price, a decent platform with good support"

Easy to set up, with the help of their team. We've been using them for over a year now and can see a significant difference compared to before. We use it to track keyword abuse, traffic and geolocation data. The reports are also very useful.
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Luisa C.
Growth Hacker

"A decent platform well worth the price"

A great platform to have if you’re running Google Ads campaigns that operate in very competitive industries. We like Clickguard because it provides a kind of firewall that we didn’t know we needed and now can’t live without.
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Digital Advertising Industry and Click Fraud

Click Fraud is a 9 Billion Dollar Problem
Click Bots, Bot Farms, Proxy Networks and even your competitors are all part of it! Block the bad clicks and let the good ones through.
Bloomberg states that over 40% of Google Ads Traffic is Fraudelant
Wondering why your Google Ads Traffic isn't converting? The reason is that nearly 50% of paid traffic is fraudelant. Filter your traffic, and skyrocket your conversion ratios.
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Not just click fraud! 
ClickGUARD protects from all worthless clicks

ClickGUARD is the best and easiest way to detect and prevent wasteful clicks and ensure that you only pay for real human clicks that are likely to convert.

Competitor clicks

Competitors targeting your daily budget to hide your ads from potential customers.

Fake bot traffic

Stop fraudulent clicks from malicious scripts and bots that click on your ads.

Click farm networks

Click farms that target and disrupt businesses and entire industries.

Anonymous proxy clicks

Fraudster clicks routed via proxies and VPNs to hide their real location.

Data scraping servers

Datacenter servers on distributed networks used for content scraping.

Rogue web crawlers

Spiders, crawlers, rank trackers, fake and useless ad impressions generators.

Hijacked applications

Malware infected computer or smartphone apps designed to generate traffic impressions for ad fraud partners.

Ad fraud display networks

Ad placement display networks that generate fake CPM traffic impressions and clicks to rip off major ad networks. 

and much more...

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The most intelligent click protection available!

Our powerful system features fully automated click protection, through simple and easy to configure rules. Design YOUR own ruleset to work best for YOU and YOUR campaign goals. In minutes.


Only minutes spent configuring our rules result in thousands saved from being wasted by bad actors. Once configured, ClickGUARD fully automates detection, protection and reporting, while optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance.
Set it and forget it
Set unique goals
You're in control
Highly customizable


ClickGUARD monitors your Google Ads to identify and classify clicks from competitors, bots, click farms and fraudulent networks. Clicks are tracked and analyzed in real-time providing you with actionable forensic data you can use to focus your advertising efforts to clicks that will result in conversion
Real-time reporting
Post-click analysis
Click source identification
Full forensic insight

Detects & flags

The ability to detect and block click fraud is highly important, but unfortunately wasteful clicks don’t stop there. The ability to flag and stop the worthless, abusive and disruptive clicks is a true game changer for your campaigns.
Identify click types
Click sources
Click quality
Behavior activity

Blocks waste

Real-time communication with your Google Ads account through the API enables us to instantly block any offending traffic source. We block fraudulent IP addresses, network ranges, devices, and display placements with ease.
IP addresses
Display placements
ISP networks
Tracked devices
Stop Paying For Worthless Invalid Click Fraud
Secure your marketing ROI to safely scale your Google Ads like never before, with 24/7 real-time protection.