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  • I want to review / audit an alert.

    We encourage you to view and audit your alert details by visiting detailed forensics for the click that triggered it. The link is included in the notification email.

    After you review and audit details about the suspicious click, if you’re unsure or think the click activity may be fraudulent, you can easily block the offending IP address/device or block the involved ad placement, provided that this wasn’t already done automatically.

  • I blocked and IP/device, but continue to receive alerts.

    IP addresses are blocked for one or more ad campaigns protected by ClickGUARD. Sometimes when an IP address is blacklisted for a campaign it can trigger an alert for another campaign where it’s not blocked. This is a clear indication that the IP should be blacklisted for the entire account.

    When you block a device with ClickGUARD all associated IP addresses will be excluded/blacklisted for your protected campaigns. However, if the same device clicks on your ads but from a different IP address – you’ll be notified per your notification preferences, even though the new IP address will be blocked as well. You can manage your notification preferences within your account settings.

  • I am not receiving emails from ClickGUARD.

    If you are not receiving ClickGUARD emails please start by making sure your notification preferences for the given account are properly set.

    Once you’ve verified the email address on file make sure to check your email’s spam/junk folders. If you locate any ClickGUARD emails mark them as ‘not spam/junk’. This will prevent future emails from going to the spam/junk folder going forward.

    If you are unable to locate any ClickGUARD emails in your spam/junk folder, please contact us via in-app chat so we can look into it.

  • How do I change my subscription plan?

    In order to change your ClickGUARD subscription visit your Subscription page and select “Update plan”. You’ll then be able to chose the new plan.

    In case you’re upgrading we’ll switch you to the new plan immediately and charge your credit card for the extra amount for the current billing period. If you’re downgrading you’ll be able to use your current plan until the current billing period ends and then we’ll update your plan.

  • What happens to my data when I downgrade?

    Nothing. You retain all click logs, but we lock protection rules you can no longer use and remove settings and protective actions that are not supported by the new plan.

    Note that when you downgrade to the free forever plan you’ll be able to access up to 14 days of analytics data.

  • How do I cancel my paid subscription?

    You can cancel anytime. In order to do so visit your Subscription page and select “Update plan”. Then chose the free plan.

    Note that you’ll continue to use the platform with the same features up to the end of your billing period and then we’ll switch you over to the free forever plan.

  • What happens if I don't pay for my subscription?

    In case payment fails after several attempts we’ll automatically downgrade you to the free forever plan. You’ll be able to update your credit card information and re-subscribe.

  • How do I update my credit card information?

    You can update your credit card by visiting your Subscription page and clicking on the “Update credit card” button.

    For security reasons, you’ll need to reenter the credit card number even if you are only updating the expiration date.

  • What is Click Frequency Shield?

    Click Frequency Shield catches IP addresses and devices that are frequently clicking on your ads.

    ClickGUARD measures the frequency of clicks coming from the same IP address or device. You can add specific rules to protect specific subsets of campaigns or keywords and get notified when a suspicious click happens or immediately block the given IP/device.

  • What is Target Frequency Shield?

    Target Frequency Shield catches IP address and devices that are frequently engaging multiple campaigns, keywords, domains or landing pages.

    With ClickGUARD you can configure your protection rules so that they notify you about visitors who frequently click on ads that belong to a multiple campaigns, or target multiple keywords, domains or landing pages. You can automatically block them to prevent them from depleting your marketing budget.

  • What is Placement Frequency Shield?

    Placement Frequency Shield identifies ad placements that generate frequent visits.

    With ClickGUARD you can easily identify placement domains that generate frequent clicks to your ads so you can react by investigating – or you can automatically exclude any given domain that surpasses the click limit you set.

  • What is Conversion Shield?

    Conversion Shield aims to prevent showing ads to persons who engage them often but never convert.

    ClickGUARD tracks conversion events on your website so you know when a click converted. This means you can easily know when a specific IP address or device is engaging your ads but without conversion and automatically block them from viewing your ads in the future.

  • What is Time-on-site Shield?

    Time on Site Shield catches visitors who click on your ads and quickly leave your site.

    With ClickGUARD you can prevent ads to show for visitors who spend no time on the advertised landing pages after clicking on your ads. This is an aggressive protection feature to be used with caution.