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Microsoft Advertising

Coming soon:
Block click fraud when using Bing

Over a billion searches per month. If your market fits the demographic, Bing Ads are a golden opportunity - one missed by many. But without click fraud protection, you could see your competitive advantage frittered away by worthless, fraudulent clicks and bots.

Our upcoming release will help you optimize Bing Ads better!

Click Fraud isn’t restricted to one ad platform – Bing is also affected

Microsoft Bing Ads are still digital advertising’s most effective tool for marketing to mature audiences. With a 6.7% market share of global search, a wealthier demographic, and consistently lower average CPC and higher click-through rates than Google, Bing Ads are the perfect addition to any multichannel marketing strategy.

Google Ads campaigns, keyword lists, and ad copy can be directly imported into the platform, so it’s barely an inconvenience. And advertisers running campaigns for local, travel, e-commerce, or health and medical really need to take notice – at least 30% of Bing searches are related to those verticals.

But… wherever there’s money in digital advertising, fraud follows

And it’s no coincidence that these industries see higher-than-average levels of click fraud. PPC ads in the travel industry? Around 26%. And the health and medical sector has seen a 53% increase in click fraud since 2019.

If you’re running Bing ads in one of these sectors, Bing click fraud isn’t something you can afford to ignore.

There’s more than just click fraud draining your Bing Ads budget

Bing Ads click fraud isn’t the only threat you need to tackle. Other kinds of ad fraud can prove just as damaging - spoofed websites and fraudulent ad placements will provide unscrupulous publishers with the means to empty your ad budget directly into their bank account.

And then there’s the invalid traffic. They aren’t your target audience, and they’ve no intention to buy. But they’ll cost you money, all the same.

And unfortunately, excluding this unwelcome invalid traffic is even more difficult with Bing. All unwanted IP addresses have to be blocked manually, one by one. If you value your time, it’s not even worth the effort.

Beat Bing click fraud and invalid traffic with ClickGUARD

Automated click fraud protection

No manual processes necessary – threats are automatically identified, analyzed, and removed from your Bing Ads forever.

Bot Probability Assessment and Advanced Threat Analysis

Each and every click is subjected to assessment across a wide range of behavior and non-behavior-based criteria, including IP address, click and scroll speed, and geolocation data.

Automated real-time reporting

Set performance and threat analysis reports for individual campaigns, keywords, or accounts. Send updates on demand or to the schedule of your choice to your team and clients.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews