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The tools for enhancing customer Success

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Offer customers a powerful tool to save money from wasteful click fraud.

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ClickGUARD Supports its partners with proven technical training and marketing resources.

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The tools for enhancing customer Success

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True real-time 1:1 personalized click fraud protection that is the holy grail for marketers is now finally attainable with a modern-day platform, individualized customer experiences and engagement control is critical for companies - across industries - in today’s competitive marketplace.

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ClickGUARD is the category leader for real-time click fraud protection. Our product depth and thought leadership have been widely recognized by top industry analysts, press and award programs; imitated by our competitors; and, adopted by our many clients.

Powerful Platform

Powered by machine learning, ClickGUARD is purpose-built from the ground up to provide everything a marketer needs to deliver advanced personalized click fraud at scale. It includes deep behavioral relational data segmentation, network and device tracking, and attribution reporting.