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For small business niche low volume click fraud threat monitoring
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  • 30x Protected Campaigns
For competitive regional businesses requiring active threat protection
Best Value
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  • 100x Protected Campaigns
  • 5x Team Members
Widly exposed with serious competitive threat protection
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  • 300x Protected Campaigns
  • 10x Team Members
For extremely competitive and highly exposed industries

Click Forensic DNA At Your Disposal

Real-Time Click Data

Instant information about every observed click, IP address, device.

+++++With services such as AdWords data about clicks can be delayed for a day (or more). This makes it impossible for you to react on time when suspicious or fraudulent activities happen on your campaigns. ClickGUARD provides information instantaneously - as clicks happen - while adding several layers of analytical data.
Click DNA Forensics

Detailed forensics information about every observed traffic source and your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.

+++++ClickGUARD monitors all paid and un-paid clicks to your website and provides unmatched analytical data about clicks, including details about the traffic source. Each and every click is analyzed against more than 4 billion data points to discover precious information crucial to providing protection from fraudulent clicks.
Click Forensics GEO-Data

GEO-location information about every observed click to help you gain invaluable insight on individuals clicking on your ads.

++++Due to various legal and practical reasons your ad service doesn't give you even the basic insight into a paid click. ClickGUARD provides the most accurate GEO-location information about the source of your paid traffic.
Conversion Triggers

Prevent serving ads to IP's and devices that never convert!

++You can easily track conversion with ClickGUARD by adding a simple JavaScript code snippet on your pages that triggers when a conversion event happens. You can customize special protection rules to target non-converting IP addresses and devices.
On-Demand Log Exports

Export click, IP and device logs directly from ClickGUARD.

+++All downloads are available as CSV files, that can be opened and worked with in multiple spreadsheet solutions.

Full Range Of Protective Actions

 Level of Protection
Device Tracking

ClickGUARD can fingerprint each individual visitor so you can learn more about each visitor and act upon that information.

++++Your competitors might be clicking on your ads from home, at work or on the airport - every time from a different IP address. The only reliable way to track them is to fingerprint their devices every time they visit your website.
Auto-block IP Address

Fully automated IP address blocking actions for your protection rules.

+++In order to protect you in real-time ClickGUARD can automatically exclude an IP address when one of your specific protection rules is triggered. The system also handles exclusion limitations imposed by the service you're using so you don't have to worry about not being able to protect yourself because your exclusion list is full.
Auto-block device

Fully automated device blocking actions for your protection rules. The ability to auto-block all observed and future IP addresses related to a device.

++You can block a fraudulent IP address or a suspicious ad placement with any advertising service. ClickGUARD can also block a specific device by excluding every IP address associated with it to make sure you're not serving ads to fraudulent sources.
Placement Triggers

Automated placement domain exclusion actions for your protection rules.

+++With ClickGUARD you can automatically exclude placement domains that produce too many click in a given time period. You can manage the threshold yourself.
Cross-campaign IP Blocking

Auto blocking of IP addresses account-wide, for all protected campaigns.

+++When a fraudulent click happens you can decide to exclude an IP address or placement for all your campaigns protected by ClickGUARD - not only the campaign where it was caught.
Email Alerts

Get an email notification when a suspicious or fraudulent click triggers one of your protection rules.

+++++You can get notified every time a click triggers a protection rule. This is important since you might want to investigate a suspicious situation other than choosing to automatically apply aggressive protective actions.
Configurable Rule Triggers

Configure exactly what conditions can trigger your protection rules for ultimate precision in click fraud protection for your campaigns.

++++The only way you can guarantee full protection from click fraud is to adapt protection rules to your specific market and advertising campaigns. Sometimes this means creating specific rules for certain keywords or target clicks coming from a certain geographical region. ClickGUARD provides the biggest level of customization and adaptability.
Match Type Triggers

Use specific keyword math type(s) as specific conditions for your protection rules.

++You can easily customize your protection rules to trigger for ads served for specific search match types. This is useful when your campaigns have a plethora of keywords with different match types and want to focus protection to where click fraud is more likely to happen.
GEO Based Triggers

Use click GEO location information as specific conditions for your protection rules.

++You can focus your protection rules on specific geographical locations. This is extremely useful when you're running campaigns that cover multiple regions where specific regions tend to produce more suspicious clicks.
Domain Level Triggers

Trigger protection rules for specific domain(s).

++When you're running ads for multiple domains with the same service account it comes in handy to be able to define specific rules for each and every one of your domains - especially when they belong to industries with different level of competitiveness and click fraud in general.

100% Customizable Protection for Your Business

 Click Protection
Configurable Protection Rules

You can configure/customize protection rules and add additional rules based on your protection preferences.

+++++ClickGUARD gives you the ability to define, fine-tune and maintain 100% custom protection rules that work best for your business and competitive landscape.
Click Frequency Triggers

Click Frequency Shield catches IP addresses and devices that are frequently clicking on your ads.

+++++This basic protection rule measures the frequency of clicks coming from the same IP address or device. You can add specific rules to protect specific subsets of campaigns or keywords and get notified when a suspicious click happens or immediately block the given IP/device.
Target Frequency Triggers

Target Frequency Shield catches IP address and devices that are frequently engaging multiple campaigns, keywords, domains or landing pages.

+++You can configure your protection rules so that they notify you about visitors who frequently click on ads that belong to a multiple campaigns, or target multiple keywords, domains or landing pages. You can automatically block them to prevent them from depleting your marketing budget.
Placement Frequency Triggers

Placement Frequency Shield identifies ad placements that generate frequent visits.

+++With ClickGUARD you can easily identify placement domains that generate frequent clicks to your ads so you can react by investigating - or you can automatically exclude any given domain that surpasses the click limit you set.
Conversion Triggers

Conversion Shield aims to prevent showing ads to persons who engage them often but never convert.

++ClickGUARD tracks conversion events on your website so you know when a click converted. This means you can easily know when a specific IP address or device is engaging your ads but without conversion and automatically block them from viewing your ads in the future.
Time-on-site Triggers

Time-on-Site Triggers catches visitors who click on your ads and quickly leave your site.

++With ClickGUARD you can prevent ads to show for visitors who spend no time on the advertised landing pages after clicking on your ads. This is an aggressive protection feature to be used with caution.
Exclusions Management

A full management dashboard for all IP/placement exclusions.

++++If you've ever manually excluded an IP address or a placement in AdWords - you know how hard it is to view or manage them per campaign. With ClickGUARD you get a dedicated dashboard for viewing and managing exclusions that makes it dead easy for you to block and unblock specific IPs, devices or ad placements.
IP Whitelist

A list of known IP addresses ClickGUARD won't attempt to protect you from.

+++++You can maintain a list of IP addresses you don't want to be monitored by ClickGUARD so that they never trigger your protection rules and get excluded from viewing ads on your campaigns.

Up-To-Date With Key Events And Protection

 Automated Reports
Summary Reports

Fully automated reports that summarize ClickGUARD activities for the given period.

+++++To keep you up-to-date on click fraud on your advertising campaigns ClickGUARD can send you periodical summary emails. You can opt-out if you don't want to receive these report emails.
Click Quality Reports

Automated click quality reports with attached suspicious/fraudulent clicks log for the given period.

++++Based on built-in protection and your own custom-defined rules ClickGUARD will generate a click log with great level of detail and deliver it to you via email as frequent as you need it. You can use this information to file refund requests with Google.
Configurable Frequency

You can configure how often you receive each report.

++++You can choose when is the best time for you to start receiving reports from ClickGUARD and how often you'll be receiving them.
Additional Reports

You can configure more than one report of each report type and fine-tune delivery frequency.

+++In case you need a daily, weekly and monthly summary of protective activities on your accounts or click quality reports ClickGUARD makes it easy for you to opt-in for frequent reports.

Customized Warning Popups For Suspicious Clickers

 Offender Popup
Offender Warning

Warn visitors with suspicious or fraudulent clicks with a popup on your landing page(s)

+++++A number of protection rules support displaying a customizable popup warning when visitors come to your landing page after clicking on an ad.
Custom Warning Text

Customize the text contents of the offender popup warning.

+++You can display your own text to suspicious and fraudulent visitors as opposed to ClickGUARD-branded default warning text.
Warning Templates

Basic warning popup design templates to fit most site designs.

+++++ClickGUARD offers several basic looking warning popup templates designed to fit most site designs.
Premium Warning Templates

Advanced warning popup design templates to math your site design and creativity.

++You can choose between basic and a select number of advanced warning popup design templates that will definitely fit any site and style.
Custom Warning HTML

Completely customize warning popup HTML (JavaScript inject supported).

+As opposed to using a predefined warning popup template ClickGUARD can inject your own HTML into the landing page targeted by a suspicious or fraudulent click. That means you can also trigger a JavaScript event previously defined on your site and perform additional in-page actions or tracking.

Features To Make Your Life Easier

 Added Value
24h Chat/Phone Support

Dedicated support team at your disposal. At any time.

++++All our paying customers enjoy 24/7 customer support via in-app chat or via standard channels such as phone or email. Our click forensic experts are there to help you understand click analytics on your campaigns, optimize your protection rules or provide any kind of assistance.
Custom Aliases

Un-clutter your analytics and own your data by adding a custom name alias to any URL, campaign, IP, device...

++++With ClickGUARD working with analytics data cannot be easier. To facilitate that we've introduced custom aliases for any entity. You can name your landing pages, campaigns, IP addresses or devices with a system-wide alias that will be used throughout analytics.
Landing Page Monitoring

ClickGUARD can monitor your landing page to make sure you're not running ads for unavailable targets.

+++Many business owners setup some kind of monitoring for their website. ClickGUARD comes with built-in landing page monitoring so you don't have to worry about setting it up externally. We'll notify you if any of your advertised landing pages are down.
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  • Can I change my plan?

    Yes. In case you’re upgrading we’ll switch you to the new plan immediately and charge your credit card for the extra amount for the current billing period. If you’re downgrading you’ll be able to use your current plan until the current billing period ends and then we’ll update your plan.

  • Can I cancel my paid subscription?

    Yes. You can cancel anytime. You’ll continue to use the platform with the same features up to the end of your billing period and then we’ll switch you over to the free forever plan.

  • What happens if I don't pay for my subscription?

    In case payment fails after several attempts we’ll automatically downgrade you to the free forever plan. You’ll be able to update your credit card information and re-subscribe.

  • What types of payments you support?

    We support all major debit and credit cards from in every country in 135+ currencies.

  • What happens to my data when I downgrade?

    Nothing. You retain all click logs, but we lock protection rules you can no longer use and remove settings and protective actions that are not supported by the new plan. When you downgrade to the free forever plan you’ll be able to access up to 14 days of analytics data.

  • Do you support bitcoin payments?

    Not right now. But it’s in the roadmap along with services such as Apple Pay, WeChat Pay and others.