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Common MISCONCEPTIONS About Google Ads Traffic People Are Paying For


Today we talk misconceptions about Google Ads traffic people are paying for. Now is as good a time as any to debunk some myths!

How much do you know about the traffic that happens on your website? Do you have any idea if you’re really getting your money’s worth in your PPC ads?   

Unfortunately, many marketers allow themselves to be misled by certain false or inaccurate information about online advertising. Well, if you understood the reality, you could get so much more from this powerful marketing platform, and driving traffic to your website is just one of them.  

In this brief webinar, strategic marketer Jason Pittock has an interesting chat with ClickGUARD’s Head of Customer Success – Aleksandar Đorđević. He shares his expert advice on what marketers should NOT believe in and what they instead should watch out for when they put out an ad and entice visitors to their website.   

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Aleksandar Đorđević

Head of Customer Success @ ClickGUARD

Jason Pittock


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