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Beyond PPC is a podcast by ClickGUARD covering all the latest stories and insights from PPC and beyond to help you succeed in your digital marketing journey.
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From a ONE-MAN Agency to a FULL-STACK Digital Marketing Company | Meet Genius Agency From Dallas

Episode Sumary

Meet Genius, the real estate digital marketing agency from Dallas! From a one-man agency doing digital marketing in a bathrobe to a full-stack digital marketing company that is now expanding, Aaron Metzger has come a long way — and shares all about it in this webinar.   

Before jumping off into the digital marketing world, Aaron had a few stints in real estate, so he understood the market (and more than that, he understood there’s a lot of potential for growth in the real estate marketing in Dallas).   

As such, servicing the real estate industry as a marketer came as a natural choice for him when the time came for Genius to take off as a digital marketing agency. Listen in to learn more!

Prefer watching? Here is our live session recording.
Prefer reading? Here is an article on this webinar.

Find out more about Genius agency: https://www.geniusdm.com/

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Aaron Metzger

Founder @ Genius Digital Marketing

Jason Pittock