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How PPC Agencies Can Leverage CASE STUDIES for Growing Their Businesses + FREE Case Study Template


Case studies — how to build one and how can PPC marketing agencies leverage them for growing their businesses?  

Join us for a wholesome conversation between Strategic Marketer and ClickGUARD’s CMO Jason Pittock and Conversion Copywriter extraordinaire Ekaterina Howard about the importance of case studies for your PPC Marketing Agency.  

Spoiler alert — Ekaterina shares her expertise on HOW to build case studies and WHY you should consider using them to boost your business’ image and results. This blueprint to building case studies will get the party started when it comes to converting leads into raving fans.

🔵 Download the Case Study Checklist here:

https://storage.googleapis.com/clickguard-storage-dev/public/ClickGUARD_Template_Case_studies to the max_ from brief to promo.xlsx


Ekaterina Howard

Conversion Copywriter

Jason Pittock


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