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Beyond PPC is a podcast by ClickGUARD covering all the latest stories and insights from PPC and beyond to help you succeed in your digital marketing journey.
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How to Find Your NICHE MARKET | Meet Battle Plan Marketing Agency for Contractors

Episode Sumary

Meet Battle Plan and learn how to find your niche market!  

In ClickGUARD’s webinar #14, it's all about how to find your niche market, minimize waste and maximize results with your ads, thus bringing in profit for your clients and yourself. We get to learn all about that from Mark Ambrose interviewed by our CMO Jason Pittock.  

Mark is the CEO and Founder of Battle Plan, a full-stack digital marketing company in California, USA. The Battle Plan is the epitome of Mark’s professional background — more than 30 years in sales and marketing, more than a decade in management, plus his super sharp skills in web design, SEO, and e-commerce. He dedicates his knowledge to home services companies, providing holistic SEO, web design, and digital marketing services for them.

Prefer watching? Here is our live session recording.
Prefer reading? Here is an article on this webinar.

Find out more about Battle Plan: https://battleplan-marketing.com/


Jason Pittock


Mark Ambrose

Founder @ BattlePlan Marketing Agency