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Beyond PPC is a podcast by ClickGUARD covering all the latest stories and insights from PPC and beyond to help you succeed in your digital marketing journey.
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Meet PPC Agency Digital Position & Learn to GROW an Agency From Scratch

Episode Sumary

Have you ever had a job you didn’t like, in a place you kind of hated being for the most part of your time? Have you had a boss yelling at you or your coworkers? Or maybe felt that you’re doing a good job without being properly compensated and appreciated for it?   

All of the above drove Roger to take matters into his hands and start his business.   

Tune in with ClickGUARD's CMO Jason Pittock, as he delves into a hot topic: growing a PPC agency from scratch. No better guest to tackle this subject than Roger Parent, CEO and Founder of Digital Position.  

Prefer reading? Here is an article on this webinar: 

​ ​https://www.clickguard.com/webinars/meet-digital-position-and-learn-to-grow-a-ppc-agency/


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We’re 100%:

1. Transparent - we hide nothing and show everything;
2. Accountable - we offer a paper trail for everything our system does;
3. Customizable - everything can be tweaked for you and your business needs;
4. Controllable - you’re in control!


Jason Pittock