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Should PPC Agencies Accept Crypto/Bitcoin as Payment?


Crypto/Bitcoin (aka cryptocurrency) has come quite a long way since its ‘creation’ back in 2009. So much so, that Elon Musk himself is a strong endorser of Bitcoin.  

And yet, despite all the hype about it, this virtual currency still causes a stir in the digital marketing world. When it’s not about how secure or efficient crypto is, the conversation revolves around how volatile its value can be.  

The big question for us is if and where do crypto and the ad tech world overlap. Luckily, we’re about to find out from ClickGUARD Founder & CEO Ralph Perrier and Strategic Marketer Jason Pittock.   

Tune in and learn whether Crypto and Bitcon’s supposed promise of safer, faster, and secure digital transactions could substitute the traditional ‘real money’ transactions for your business.

Prefer reading? Here is an article on this webinar.


Jason Pittock


Ralph Perrier

Founder & CEO of ClickGUARD

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