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Octavia DrexlerJuly 13, 2021
As previously reported, Google Analytics 4 has come out of beta testing, and marketers everywhere are torn as to whether they find this…
Octavia DrexlerJuly 9, 2021
Google is an essential platform for digital marketers everywhere and lately, they've been working on a lot of updates (nothing new, heh?). Not…
Octavia DrexlerJuly 9, 2021
Let's face it: the new iOS update was a pretty polarizing one.  On the one hand, TikTok users spent hours teaching others how…
Octavia DrexlerJuly 7, 2021
On May 28, 2021, Bloomberg reported that Aleksandr Zhukov, a Russian national, was found guilty of defrauding millions of dollars from advertising agencies…
Octavia DrexlerJune 23, 2021
We’ve all been there - we’re purchasing something at the grocery store, or we’re treating ourselves to a product that we’ve had our…
Octavia DrexlerJune 23, 2021
Google Ads API is an integral part of any marketer’s journey, as it enables users to manage ad campaigns and keep track of…
Octavia DrexlerJune 23, 2021
As we recently reported, Google Ads is phasing out third-party cookies. Where does this leave marketers, then? How can small businesses effectively reach…

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