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ClickGUARD support

Personalized premium support from industry leading click forensic experts. 

Expert help when you need It!

Our mission is to optimize your advertising, protect your budget from unnecessary waste, and help you get the most out of your campaigns. We're ready to answer your questions and resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.
Guaranteed Response
All our clients get industry-leading response rate that in most cases measures below 5 minutes during our working hours. We are happy to provide you will all the help you need no matter if you are interested in our solutions or you are already our customer.
Expert Support
Click fraud and ad optimization often present a non-trivial challenge to an advertiser, hence why support representatives are highly trained and well versed in Google Ads and ClickGUARD. We are ready to guide you on how to apply the best protection to your advertising campaigns.
In App Chat
In-App Guides
ClickGUARD’s in-app experience is supported with simple yet extremely effective guidelines throughout the application to assure of easy setup and configuration of protection rules.
Knowledge Base
A key component for tackling complex problems is an easy-to-use, searchable knowledge base. We continuously build on our documentation to make sure we cover everything from the simplest to the most complex situations.
Account Audits
To ensure your success, our support team is available for on-demand audits of your ClickGUARD accounts. Audits can be scheduled for reviewing your setup and protection configuration and to help interpret actionable data collected. We’ll also suggest changes and make sure you’re getting the most value from our platform.
Automatic Summary Reports
Receive Summary reports or Click quality reports that contain the most important metrics and KPIs. This is an easy way to get the latest results from your ClickGUARD account. Simply set the frequency of reporting and we'll automatically create and send reports.
For enterprise Support Plan we assign a dedicated Technical Account Manager. Please note it is a long term engagement with a minimum of 6 months commitment.

Standard account support plans

Every ClickGUARD plan includes a corresponding support plan.
24/7 Support

Get answers to your question, receive help & more. Reach out to us using our chat widget.

In-App Instruction Guides

In-app guidelines to assure of easy setup and configuration of protection rules.

Knowledge Base Access

Our documentation that covers everything from the simplest to the most complex situations.

Email Support

Receive help and support via the email.

In-App Chat Support

In-app support chat that guarantees response Mon - Fri.

On-demand Account Audit

Once every 90 days for Premium Guard and every 60 days for Elite Guard

Mon - Fri

Custom support plans

Standard customers
Large-scale businesses often require custom Service Level Agreements that would define specific response times and a custom support level. ClickGUARD offers custom plans for standard users that may include SLA-defined support plans.
Agency & custom plan customers
ClickGUARD plans for agencies and enterprise marketing teams are exclusive and include STANDARD or PREMIUM levels of support. Based on your needs, we’re open to defining custom support plans that would be covered with an SLA.

Omni-channel support

Email is not dead! Also, our support staff is available for quick replies 24/7. Majority of email requests answered within 1-2h on most business days. 
In-App Chat
It doesn’t get easier than this! We’re just an instant message away 24/7. We find chat to be our best ally in providing the best support!
Phone (Sales)
Interested in ClickGUARD's solutions? Simply pick up the phone to speak with our sales team. Phone support may be available with custom plans.

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