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Download the Ultimate Kids Channels Exclusions List - for YouTube Campaigns

ClickGUARD not only shows you what's below the surface. We give you full control to block wasteful clicks.

ClickGUARD can use MCC or Google oAuth verified secure application access to protect your account.

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Your Google Ads are getting worthless clicks from competitors, bots, and click farms that distort your conversion rates and prevent you from getting the quality leads you need in order to grow your business. ClickGUARD protects your campaigns from these clicks to maximize your PPC conversion.
Stop click fraud
Eliminate waste
Improve traffic quality
Get more sales
Get better leads
Improve profitability

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Brilliant professionals dedicated to combating click fraud.

+32 Million

Dollars saved from click fraud for our clients in 2019.

The amount of passion we have for solving customer problems.

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