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Better ads.
Better traffic. Better ROI.

Don’t waste your money. Clean up your campaigns, and optimize your clicks for better traffic and an optimized conversion funnel.

ClickGUARD.Trusted by over 5000 global category leaders

Better traffic
from your PPC Ads

PPC provides measurably faster results than any other marketing channel. But your ROI from Google Ads/PPC depends on how well your campaigns are managed – and protected.

Your ads need to be continually optimized for better traffic and maximum ROAS. Why? So you can:

Show your campaigns in front of the most compatible audiences
for your offer.

Ensure your keywords remain firmly aimed at the
highest-value opportunities.

Eliminating invalid traffic is one of the biggest optimizations you can make.

Dedicated PPC protection is the only way to fill the gaps in the data PPC platforms provide and ensure better traffic on your campaigns, so you can stop wasting money on bad clicks and bot farms.

Boost your ROI – automatically

Google estimates the average ROI from Google Ads is around $2 for every $1 spent. It’s easy to see why advertisers love it. But the excitement of seeing all those clicks soon fades when you realize just how much of your traffic is invalid or fraudulent.

You don’t have to accept that wasted spend. Let’s take a quick ballpark example:

Your marketing agency spends $15,000 a month on Google Ads.



14% of those clicks are estimated to be click fraud.


Click fraud

You use ClickGUARD to identify and block 98% of your invalid traffic.


Invalid traffic blocked

You save $2,058, which you then reinvest, giving your clients better value, more ads, and improved ROI across all their Google Ads campaigns.


Saved money

Our system enables you to calibrate and tune traffic sources for enhanced traffic and more in-depth data on your Google Ads clicks.

CickGUARD grows your ROAS by profiling and verifying every single click, identifying the exclusions necessary to cut wasted spend.

And once you’ve set your parameters in our easy-to-use interface, ClickGUARD just keeps going – working in the background of your campaigns to:

Block fraudulent clicks

Fight Invalid traffic

Mitigate Bots

Help you pull better, more accurate reports

“It had an immediate impact. We started getting rid of bad clicks, robots, spambots, click farms - we were amazed. Our clients were really happy we reduced ad spend and increased conversions - which also increased ROI.”

Mark A

CEO and Founder of Battle Plan

And thousands more of 5 star reviews