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The biggest threat to your marketing budget is the one you can’t see

There are two problems when you rely on the data PPC platforms give you about the performance of your PPC.

You can’t tell good traffic from bad.

Trying to work out what’s happened, with only broad metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions, won’t leave you any wiser about how your ads are performing.

You can’t see where to make changes.

Without real insight, trying to optimize your ads becomes a matter of pot luck. You might as well flip a coin.

Click fraud and invalid traffic are real risks to your business. But without transparent data, you’re working in the dark.

Defend yourself against:


Bots are built with machine learning to mirror human behavior. They’ll batter your budget before you know it.

Invalid Traffic

It’s tricky to tell your irrelevant, accidental, and malicious clicks from your true customers.

Click Fraud

If you’ve no clue about who’s clicking your ads, you’re defenseless against conscience-free fraudsters intent on ruining your game plan.

Get a clear view of your hidden data, for instant insight

We’ve been pulling back the curtain on your ads data since 2016. PPC specialists around the world have made us the first choice for PPC data transparency.

Now, ClickGUARD 2.0 takes the raw analytic power of our original tool, and delivers industrial-strength insight through a user-friendly UI that leads you to decisions in seconds.

No complicated spreadsheets and moving data from one sheet to another – just clarity of insight, backed up by accessible, transparent data on every single click.

Automatic real-time updates for the entire team

ClickGUARD 2.0’s powerful, flexible reporting features will deliver lightning-fast updates, sharing a clear vision of your PPC performance personalized to anyone you need to keep in the loop – clients, investors, or the management team.

Cleaner data that reflects the real needs of your audience lets you share insights and responsibility for the decisions you need to drive your business forward.

And with a range of automated or on-demand real-time reports including individual campaign snapshots and keyword performance reports, it’s never been easier to keep track.

Data-driven decisions power PPC performance

Bad decisions cost money. And bad decisions can kill businesses. But if you don’t know the facts of the matter, how can you possibly make the right choice?

Don’t leave the important decisions up to luck. Remove invalid traffic and bad data from the equation, so you can build your Google Ads campaigns on a solid foundation of what’s been proven to work.

Work effortlessly across different websites and PPC accounts, with ClickGUARD Workspaces

ClickGUARD Workspaces keeps things simple. Add users to your Workspace, or you can join theirs to provide easy access and create effortless workflows across every website and PPC account your team protects.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews