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Wed 24 Feb

What's post-click analysis and why do data-driven PPC marketers need to use it?

Our sixth webinar brought to you by ClickGUARD covering the importance of post-click analysis and why data-driven PPC marketers leverage this super-power! 💣
Fri 12 Feb

False Positives in PPC and what's "Machine Learning" got to do with it?

Ad Tech tools that claim to be using "ML & AI" might actually set their users up to becoming victims of false positives. Check out our webinar #5 to find out! 📺
Tue 12 Jan

How to improve ROAS on Google Ads (Is It Even Possible?)

What do you know about ROAS? Have you looked into it but didn't quite get what the numbers reflect and how could you possibly improve those numbers? We've got you covered!
Fri 13 Nov

Why data-driven marketers don't trust Smart Campaigns

In our third webinar session, Jason Pittock had an insightful talk with ClickGUARD’s founder Ralph Perrier about Google Smart Campaigns. The dialogue revolved around the value that Google Smart Campaigns service can bring you, the role of machine learning in ad campaigns, and the key metrics you have to look for when running Google Ads campaigns.
Mon 16 Nov

Why Strategy & Planning is Key to Mastering Google Ads.

In this webinar, we will share with you why planning Google Ads and Strategic thinking is of unprecedented importance for long term success. We go over the critical points to identify in stages, from Planning Google Ads to strategic A/B testing for optimization and growth! Get the FREE white sheets for your Google Ads Plan and start growing your campaigns.
Sun 20 Sep

How to hack Google Ads for maximum profits

In this first webinar, Marketer Jason Pittock interviews Ralph Perrier, Founder and CEO of ClickGUARD. The session is packed with practical advice, ideas, and tricks on how to hack Google Ads for maximum profits.

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