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How to hack Google Ads for maximum profits

In this first webinar, Marketer Jason Pittock interviews Ralph Perrier, Founder and CEO of ClickGUARD. The session is packed with practical advice, ideas, and tricks on how to hack Google Ads for maximum profits.

To Marketers across all industries: unlock your hacking Google Ads super-powers! 

Is it clear to you that Google is the number one platform for media buying and you wonder how hacking Google Ads can serve your business? 

How many times have you googled “how to hack Google Ads”? 

Could all industries benefit from a webinar on hacking Google Ads? What’s in it for you? 

In this first webinar, Marketer Jason Pittock interviews Ralph Perrier, Founder and CEO of ClickGUARD. The session is packed with practical advice, ideas, and tricks on how to hack Google Ads for maximum profits. 

If you hear it from him, you know it’s true: “Google is a behemoth for a reason - that's where the eyeballs are. There is no tool on the market that can challenge or come anywhere close to Google Ads on the level of visibility, exposure, and penetration, just off the bat.” Although the rise of social media has been profitable for some businesses, Ralph reassures us that in terms of advertising dollars and conversion rates Google trumps significantly over Facebook and Instagram. 

Having managed pay per click (PPC) accounts for more than 10 years, Ralph has become a master in hacking Google Ads. His approach is a straightforward one: “If you don't understand your buyer persona and your cost for that transaction you will end up wasting your money.” So how do you translate that into actions? 

Whether you're an individual marketer, an agency, or an entrepreneur considering setting up your Google Ads campaign, you surely want to avoid that statistical gambling. That is, counting on your money to get you clicks, without investing time to define the ideal post-click behaviour. 

Moreover, in hacking Google Ads you need to know exactly who is your target persona and, within that target, establish what you're willing to pay for an acquisition.
One of the safest and smartest ways to get these things sorted out is by using ClickGUARD’s click forensics. The tool enables you to audit your webpage traffic and know exactly the pain points of your marketing budget at click-level (type, kind, and timestamp of each click), threat-level (fraud analysis), and visitor-level (time spent on site, IP address, device ID, geolocation, and ISP detection). 

Another crucial point in hacking Google Ads is building up the ideal keywords. When every single click is a financial transaction (which is always the case), you need to craft your list carefully. To begin with, narrow down those broad keywords. A broad keyword will get you clicks only because it is a part of what a person is typing in and looking for. The same goes for negative keywords: exclude everything that doesn’t suit your business and doesn’t fit your current offer.  

As an expert in hacking Google Ads, Ralph advises all PPC managers to schedule regular audits of the keywords that are driving in traffic. 

Now, if you’re starting out with a limited budget, you can plan your scaling in a few steps. 

First,  draft your resources and finances, then develop your hacking Google Ads strategy with scaling campaigns based on CTR and on the acquisition cost. Next, create a short but effective list of keywords that convert profits, add specific negative keywords and negative placements, from Youtube channels to bad domains.

To start off in the right place, we’re offering you a hacking Google Ads super-tip: download Clickguard’s exclusion list and upload it to your negative placement. This is your winning ticket to relevant search results, free of Youtube kids’ channels (there are about 5000!). 

By making use of the tools and advice we provide you with, what we call “hacking Google Ads” becomes your shortcut to defend your budget from waste, by eliminating certain keywords, networks, and even some devices from your search results.

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Sun 20 Sep 20
19 PM PT

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Webinar Speakers

Ralph Perrier

Founder & CEO of ClickGUARD

Ralph is the visionary and the founder of ClickGUARD with 2 decades of digital marketing experience. He's been running PPC and Google Ads campaigns since 2003 and is one of few people in the world who has unsuccessfully sued Google for click fraud (gross negligence) after personally being a victim of coordinated and prolonged click fraud attacks dating back to 2009.

Jason Pittock


Jason is the CMO @ ClickGUARD. He is passionate about all things PPC, SEO and has extensive customer acquisition experience. When not writing about SEM he can be found surfing the wildest ocean waves of the South American coast.