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Meet BattlePlan Marketing the digital marketing agency from Sunny California - and learn how to find your niche market!

Meet BattlePlan and learn how to find your niche market! In this session, we speak with Mark who is the CEO and Founder of BattlePlan, a full-stack digital marketing company in California, USA. We learn about the importance of niching and understand your customers' needs in detail!

How to find your Niche Market and the Man Behind BattlePlan!

In ClickGUARD’s webinar this week its all about how to find your niche market, minimizing waste and maximizing results with your ads, thus bringing in profit for your clients and yourself. We get to learn all about that from Mark Ambrose interviewed by our CMO Jason Pittock.

As usual, what follows is only the appetizer; for the whole course, press the play button! 

Mark is the CEO and Founder of Battle Plan, a full-stack digital marketing company in California, USA. The Battle Plan is the epitome of Mark’s professional background - more than 30 years in sales and marketing, more than a decade in management, plus his super sharp skills in web design, SEO, and e-commerce. He dedicates his knowledge to home services companies, providing holistic SEO, web design, and digital marketing services for them. 

Why Finding your Niche Market is key for your success

Mark confirms what we’ve learnt from professionals like himself: while having a bit of everything can be beneficial for your agency, a well-defined skillset targetting your niche market is always preferable. BattlePlan started out doing SEO, then expanded their services, covering web design and Google Ads management. However, this is more of a balancing act: some while they chose to outsource services, such as video, they venture into helping their customers with others, like recommending CRMS, the sales process, and systems to channel the leads.

Niche Market vs Jack of all Trades

Every done everything and got paid for nothing?

Want to do the same for your clients? Make sure you’re offering only those services you’re really good at, even if it's for free, and that your client’s business actually needs those services.   

To get this part right, it’s essential to listen to your client and learn about their business to the point where you speak the same language and you can confidently help them understand the decisions you make for their campaigns.

Marketing to your niche with the right channels is just as important as finding your niche market in the first place!

For instance, Mark advises you to be prepared for questions like “Should I do SEO, ads, or social media marketing?” and debunking the idea of “Set it and forget it” when you discuss the first campaign.  

Set it and forget it? You just can't do that!

Knowing that “if you're just doing one channel, you're putting your business in danger,” make sure that you and your clients are on the same page when setting up a campaign. Use Mark’s best-practice checklist as your blueprint: 

  1. A campaign for each one of the services 
  2. Multiple ad groups in each campaign 
  3. Multiple ads in each ad group
  4. A/B Testing  
  5. Having a dedicated landing page for each ad  
  6. Testing differences in the landing pages 
  7. Call and form tracking. 

Besides all of the above, it is vital to have: 

  • Tracking the leads, so that you know what’s working;  
  • Click forensics, to combat fraud and non-converting clicks. 

Once you put all those pieces in place, you will have great ad campaigns going, getting you ROI in every ad. 

The more you know about your client and their customers, the better you can serve them: another benefit of finding your niche market

Have you ever wondered how some agencies can do it all and take on any kind of clients withour a specific niche market? Good for them, I take my hat of to them! We, on the other hand, are firm believers in niching down. Yes find your niche market and zero in on it!

There’s truth and wisdom in the old saying that “the riches are in the niches,” but even more so in Mark’s practical approach to becoming a master of your trade through knowing and understanding the industry you’re servicing: 

“When you test something with one client and it works out really well, then you can easily do that for 10 other clients in the same industry.” 

All is set and the conversion rates are not rising to your expectations?

It’s time for click forensics! Mark’s story can be your story with ClickGUARD

“We started researching and discovered click forensics, then discovered ClickGUARD as the leader in that field. We examined your competitors, we chose you guys and got some help setting up the account right away. Quite honestly, it had an immediate impact.

We started setting rules, getting rid of bad clicks, robots, spambots, click farms... We were amazed! 

I learned a lot in those first 30 days or so. I wasn't aware of click forms and proxies and all the “where all these clicks are coming from?” 

And then learning forensics - looking at the time on page, and bounce rates, and things like that, to try and fine-tune the click guard rules… 

"Our clients were really happy, as we did a little of both - we reduced ad spend and increased conversions, which increased ROI. That is, a significantly 20 to 30% reduction in ad spend and increase in conversions, simultaneously. It was like a magic beanstalk.”

Mark ambrose

Let us point that out once again: 20-30% waste is a LOT of waste. It might be hidden, but ClickGUARD brings it right in the spotlight and gives you all the tools you need to get rid of that waste. Besides, you can also set up conversions tracking inside ClickGUARD. And if you’re a contractor, Battle Plan will take your marketing to the next level, showing you what ads are converting for conventional advertising, too. Simply go to  

The bottom line here is that you and your clients need to have click forensics on your ad accounts. With ClickGUARD, you can “find it, cut it out, and enjoy better returns.” 

Curious to know what’s the reason behind choosing Google Ads and not Facebook Ads? Get more insights from Mark and Jason, simply pressing play. 

You will also learn about ClickGUARD’s free Google Ads course and what we have in store for you! Stay tuned.

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45 Mins

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Mark Ambrose

Founder @ BattlePlan Marketing Agency

Jason Pittock

Former CMO @ ClickGUARD

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