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The Reality of Click Fraud

Today, businesses lose tens of billions of dollars to fraudulent AdWords and clicks yearly. Whether it’s robots, competitors, or offshore click farms, the fact is your advertising dollars are being wasted! The only ones mostly benefiting from PPC advertising dollars are the ridiculously tone-deaf goliath-sized monopoly platforms. The problem is that most SEM and PPC advertisers have been programmed and fooled to trust and believe that Google AdWords will protect them against losses.

Fact is


Of All PPC Campaigns

Nearly 3 out of 4 PPC campaigns are affected by money wasting click fraud

Up to


Click Fraud Rate

Some competitive industries, sectors and regions experience up to 90% of click fraud



Billion Dollars

10+ billion dollars wasted each year by advertisers due to click fraud and malicious clicks

On average, ClickGUARD clients save between 10% to 20% on AdWords expenses and can see as high as 30% savings, which increases return on investment and the ability to maintain online brand presence, market share, and investment capital.


Find Out How Much You’re Losing to Click Fraud Here.

You’re already losing money to click fraud!
ClickGUARD Software protects your ad budget!

How ClickGUARD Works

ClickGUARD is the only ADVANCED click fraud detection and prevention platform on the market today. It allows users advanced, high level functionality to monitor and limit click fraud from specific IP addresses and devices with a multitude of fully customizable PPC click fraud protection management features:

Click Frequency Shield

Catches IP addresses and devices that are frequently clicking on your ads.

Target Frequency Shield

Catches IP address and devices that are frequently engaging multiple targets with ad clicks.

Placement Frequency Shield

Identifies ad placements that generate suspicious frequent visits during specified time periods.

Conversion Shield

Aims to prevent showing ads to persons who engage them but never convert.

Time on Site Shield

Catches visitors who click on your ads and quickly leave your site.

Full Protection Control

For specific campaigns, domains, URLs, ad groups, keywords, searches, device types and geographical locations.

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ClickGUARD, The Complete Solution!

Depending on the industry sector and targeted geography, some businesses can lose an estimated 15-20% of their AdWords budget to nefarious and malicious click fraud.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to preventing AdWords click fraud. This is why dedicated monitoring with custom-tailored tripwire settings are necessary for real protection. ClickGUARD offers users advanced control rules and features for ad clicks tailored to their particular business model and industry.

No other click waste prevention platform or tool on the market gives you the level of control found in our ClickGUARD dashboard.

Get Guaranteed Protection

Guaranteed to pay for itself many times over.

ClickGUARD Software is the most comprehensive AdWords click fraud protection platform. Please see our complete list of features.

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  • What is click fraud?

    Click fraud happens when one or more individuals or computer programs continuously deliver unwanted or repeated clicks to your paid PPC ads. This drives up costs for the advertiser, who has to pay for the click even though it will never result in any type of profit.

  • To What Degree can I be affected?

    Depending on your industry and competitive landscape, as well as the number of ads you’re running , you could be exposed to multiple types of click fraud – from competitors clicking on your ads to click farms laying waste to your marketing budget.

  • Can I Stop The Problem Myself?

    You could combat click fraud without a specialized platform up to a certain point, but it would require using several expensive tools to monitor, detect and analyze traffic, and then manually blocking IP addresses and placements.

  • Why Are They Able To Do this?

    Simply put – because it’s in no one’s interest (other than yours) to stop them.

  • Do search engines protect me?

    Ad publishers get paid for every click – fraudulent or not. Expecting digital advertising platforms such as Google to self-regulate is like trusting the fox to guard the hen house.

  • What can I do about the attacks?

    The only real solution is to use a specialized platform that can adapt to your specific industry and advertising strategy while focusing on detecting and preventing click fraud.