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Facebook Ads
Block click fraud in the metaverse with ClickGUARD

At ClickGUARD we listen and grow with our users, in this coming update you can combine the precision of our automated click fraud prevention solution, with the raw earning power of Facebook Ads to super charge your marketing strategy.

What is Facebook click fraud?

As the second-largest digital advertising platform, Facebook has provided digital advertisers with colossal revenues for more than a decade.

But these potential rewards come with significant challenges, too – click fraud, invalid traffic, and spam make up a substantial amount of traffic from your paid Facebook ads.

And your remarketing efforts are doubly endangered by click fraud – you’re paying to retarget fake clicks, so your fake leads from Facebook Ads end up costing you twice.

Despite their best efforts, at least 5% of Facebook accounts are fake (the ones they know about, anyway). Based on current figures, that’s 148 million fake or fraudulent accounts, most of them created to carry out illicit cybercriminal activity (click fraud included).

And with the additional risks and vulnerabilities presented by third-party publishers and apps via Facebook’s Audience Network advertising, Facebook ad fraud isn’t a problem you can afford to ignore.

Are there bots on Facebook?

The largest source of invalid traffic on Facebook Ads is ‘data center traffic’, which is a clear indicator that bots are visiting – data center traffic has long been used to disguise large-scale automated click fraud operations.

Many of the fake profiles on Facebook are cyborg accounts, where a human user adds a personal touch to bot-driven accounts, enabling them
to evade detection.

So if you’re ready to take advantage of the huge benefits Facebook Ads can bring to your business, you’d better have a solid strategy for tackling Facebook click fraud.

Protect your paid social with ClickGUARD click fraud prevention

Don’t let Facebook fraud trolls destroy your ad budget. Kick them out of your campaigns with the No.1 click fraud prevention tool for
PPC specialists everywhere.

Automated ad fraud protection with Bot Probability Assessment

Keep your FB fraud-free with ClickGUARD’s easy-to-use automated click fraud protection tools. Bot Probability Assessment analyses and verifies your clicks. Ad Placement blacklisting allows you to automatically exclude suspicious websites and apps from your targeting.

Adjustable Protection Controls

Don’t block your real customers by accident. Avoid false positives with our 5-step Protection Slider that lets you scale the aggressiveness of your protection to suit your campaigns. And you can quickly toggle on-and-off global settings for factors like geographic location, instantly improving your targeting.

Accessible data and dynamic reporting

Our navigable UI allows you to filter and analyze your clicks in seconds, drilling down into any and every click to get the insights you need. And our flexible reporting options allow you to share specific updates according to channel, account, campaign, or keyword – keeping your team in the know without slowing them down.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews