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The BEST Affiliate Program For Every Marketer

Promote the world’s best click fraud protection for Google and Meta Ads.Get paid to drive traffic. It’s that easy.

The Undeniable Rewards For ClickGUARD Affiliates

20% Commission.

Enjoy a generous 20%  commission
on converted sales, and keep making 20% for the first 2 years of a successful referral's lifetime with ClickGUARD.

60 Day Cookie Lifespan

Your referrals are valuable, and we make sure you get credit for them. Our 60-day cookie lifespan ensures that you earn commissions for sales generated within two months of your referral.

Monthly Payout

No need to wait, all payouts processed monthly by the 30th of the month, with no minimum payout amount.

How To Start Earning In 3 Easy Steps

Join with Rewardful

Create an account to access your tracking link, manage your dashboard, find helpful resources, and more.


Share the benefits of ClickGUARD with your community, followers, and any audience of interest through your channels.

Get Paid

Get cash and earn benefits for promoting us with your preferred payment method.

Why ClickGUARD
Is A Favorite For Marketers Across Industries

Trusted by Businesses and Marketers Alike

Endorse a product already trusted by businesses and marketers. The quality of our platform reduces the likelihood of cancellations and ensures more stable earnings for you.

Timely Payouts

As an affiliate of our program, you can count on prompt and reliable payouts. We understand the importance of your efforts, so we ensure timely compensation.

Insightful Data at your Fingertips

Our dashboard provides comprehensive analytics, empowering you with data to manage your affiliate efforts and promotional strategies for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I join the ClickGUARD Affiliate program?

Affiliate program allows you to earn commission by promoting our software. You can earn money directly to your PayPal account by attracting new trial signups and new subscriptions. Join us here!

How does it work?

First, create an account here. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’ll gain access to the affiliate dashboard. Here you can access resources and product knowledge to help you succeed in promoting a premium product that PPC advertisers, businesses, and digital marketers love.

How do I join the ClickGUARD affiliate program?

We have implemented an easy process for you: ****
a. Create an account here.
b. Click on the confirmation link sent to your email address.
c. Access your new dashboard to grab your unique tracking link and resources.
d. Start promoting to earn commissions!

How much can I earn as a ClickGUARD affiliate?

Earn a 20% lifetime commission on new users, $7 per trial signup, and bonuses when hitting milestones. As our affiliate, you also get a 60-day cookie lifespan to ensure your referrals are attributed to you.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

There is no minimum payout threshold.

How often are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid monthly, on the 18th of every month.

How do I promote ClickGUARD?

This is your chance to monetize your digital channels. Promote ClickGUARD on social media, newsletters, websites, YouTube, emails, and more. Feel free to utilize our promotional resources such as banners and graphics to communicate with your audience.

What is the Cookie duration?

We offer a 60-day cookie lifespan from the first click to ensure correct attribution and recognize your efforts as an affiliate.

How can I see my conversions and payouts?

As an affiliate, you will gain access to your dedicated dashboard with relevant data regarding commissions, conversions, trial signups, milestones, and more. We want to equip you with the best information and resources to succeed.

Are there any limitations?

You are welcome to promote ClickGUARD with any transparent strategy that aligns with our core values, except for the following:

Modify ClickGUARD’s logos, banners, or colors.

Offer unofficial discounts or coupons

Misrepresent our name and/or product to attract leads

Represent or speak on behalf of ClickGUARD.

Run online paid ads on behalf of ClickGUARD that drive direct traffic to the ClickGUARD website: Google ads, Meta ads, Bing ads, etc.*

Note: You can leverage online ads as long as you drive traffic to your own online channels such as a website, YouTube channel, etc. Remember, you are not to utilize the ClickGUARD brand name or the term “click fraud” on your ad campaigns.

What Other Marketers Say About ClickGUARD

Get a full account overview or a keyword performance report instantly. Share your clear and effective ClickGUARD reports with those who need to know.

“We went from a 40% budget burn down to a 0.00% in just three days. The problem was eliminated.”
“When using ClickGUARD, we found out that 24% of our clients’ campaigns were coming from click fraud. Thanks to ClickGUARD, we could block click fraud, and we also learned a lot of things about user behavior.”
Battle Plan
“Our clients were really happy. We did a little of both: we reduced ad spend and increased conversions - which also increased ROI.”
Todd Nevins
Karina Tama
Founder & CEO
Mark Ambrose
CEO and Founder