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Take aim with ClickGUARD perfect geotargeting for every Google Ads region

Targeting different locations comes with challenges – but with our help you can swerve them. Whether you geofence by city, congressional district, or Nielsen® DMA®, ClickGUARD lets you find and eliminate the invalid traffic and click fraud specific to that Google Ads region.

Protect My Google Ads

Google Ads regional advertising – it’s no picnic

Scaling up to cover multiple regions is one of the most exciting – and challenging - times in the life of any business. As well as massive logistical barriers, you’ve got new frontiers and regional markets to
explore and understand.

And all your PPC marketing skills are about to be put to the test, as you start the expensive business of finding out what works – and what doesn’t – in your new Google Ads regions. Whatever you advertise, you don’t have to travel far to find big differences in the way people react and interact with your ads, products, and services.

Along with lucrative new markets, there’s a multitude of dead zones you’ll need to discover and exclude from your Google Ads regional campaigns – and a whole new set of competitors who aren’t going to appreciate your arrival on their turf.

Can you afford click fraud?

Each region has its own unique challenges. You need as much financial resilience as possible in these early stages. You simply don’t have the budget to accommodate click fraud.

Click fraud represents approximately 14% of all PPC traffic. And in some verticals, such as health and medical, or the travel industry, the risk of click fraud is considerably higher. And the bigger you get, and the more ads you run, the greater your exposure to the risk of click fraud.

Your new neighborhood competitors are unlikely to be pleased to see you – and they’re more likely to use underhanded tactics to keep you away from ‘their’ customers.

ClickGUARD blocks click fraud and lets you optimize regional campaigns according to local requirement

Your regional Google Ads – and your business – will either fly or fail, depending on how well you understand your customers. And ClickGUARD gives you the tools to put your understanding into action.

ClickGUARD is there to support you at every step of your business journey, whether you’re starting local, getting ready to go nationwide – or even global.

Improved geotargeting

No matter how you split your regions - by city, congressional district, or Nielsen® DMA – there’s likely to be some locations included that don’t fit your targeted demographic profile. Using ClickGUARD, you can dig deep to optimize each region, excluding worthless geo-specific
IP address ranges.

Protect your new territories, with click fraud protection for your campaigns

New campaigns and Google Ads regional experiments can be slow to show ROI. It’s critical that your budget is protected during these early stages from the unnecessary risk of click fraud. Keep your data clean and readable,so you can identify the improvements your new regional Google Ads campaigns are going to need.

Powerful, flexible reporting for each Google Ads regional campaign

Separate and automate your ClickGUARD Google Ads reporting to provide clean, easy-to-use interactive reports for every location. Schedule email reporting in real-time to show regional leaders the campaign data they need.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews