What’s new in ClickGUARD 2.0? We were hoping you’d ask that! 🤓

Whether you’re brand-new to ClickGUARD, or a long-standing loyal supporter this should give you a good idea of the changes we have made to ClickGUARD 2.0.

Buckle up for the New User Interface (UI)

If you’re familiar with ClickGUARD, then you know our reputation as the professional tool for PPC (Pay-per-Click) specialists combating click fraud. But, ClickGUARD isn’t just a blocking tool – it’s a way to optimize your ads to exclude low-quality traffic as well as fraud!

We built it, you loved it. Now we are making it even better! It took specialized knowledge to get the most out of ClickGUARD 1.0. In ClickGUARD 2.0 you will find a tool that is accessible to everyone. 2.0 is automated, more efficient, and saves you time with the same level of protection. 

The same control – without the data science degree

We won’t address every new feature (we want to leave you with some easter eggs to discover  🥚) but we would like to take you through the changes we have made to our protection page to give you an idea of how we have improved.

clickguard 2.0 blocking

The new, user-friendly UI allows you to easily switch toggles on and off, as well as control the level of protection you want our system to apply to your Google Ads campaigns. There are three sections that allow you granular, yet time-savvy and simple control: 

Protection mode allows you to adjust how restrictive the protection system should be. This lets you dial back your protection in the event of false positives, and reach an optimum balance between mitigating click fraud and unnecessarily restricting traffic to your site.

Oh, and any alterations you make to your protection mode can be assessed over on the clicks page. This page allows you to explore and filter your clicks so you can see what’s getting through, what’s getting blocked, and why.

Advertising region allows you to restrict your Google Ads campaigns by geo-location. If you find that your ads are being targeted for click fraud by sources originating from a specific area of the world, then you can exclude all access from those locations. This is particularly handy for businesses whose target audience is localized, having no need for overseas traffic.

  • Blacklisting visitors using toggle-on/off functionality you can fine-tune your PPC protection according to a range of the most common variables used to distinguish click fraud and invalid traffic. These include:
  • Proxy/VPN traffic – where the visitor has disguised their location
  • Same visitors targeting multiple campaigns – where the same visitor clicks on your other ads, rather than continuing to access your website
  • Bad website interaction – like suspiciously short visit durations that might indicate non-human activity
  • Traffic from the same IP range – it’s statistically unlikely that consecutive IP addresses would be visiting your ads, unless they were part of a larger operation like a click farm.

Auto-upgrade pricing keeps you protected, even if you need to change up fast

We’ve tried to optimize everything in this revamp and that includes the way we price and charge our customers – protecting your budget is the whole reason for our business, after all.

When you are under the pressure of opportunities and deadlines, the last thing you need is to find out that your protection measures do not apply to the expansion. With ClickGUARD 2.0 it is done for you automatically. This is great for agencies and users working with multiple accounts, it makes sure that your PPC protection can be adapted quickly and meet fluctuations in your ad spend.

Let’s think about seasonal variations as an example. During the holiday period, many businesses want to pump their ad budget to make the most of the huge increases in online shopping. You don’t want diminishing returns on these extra ads – you still want them protected. How do we fix this?

Auto-upgrades allow you to move up to the next ClickGUARD pricing tier when your Google Ads spend exceeds your previous limits. No need to call, no menus to navigate – there is a heads-up warning and once you give the OK it’s automatically upgraded.

The best PPC protection tool on the market just got better

As you can tell, we’re really excited to see what ClickGUARD 2.0 can help our clients achieve. Anyone who’s used ClickGUARD before already understands the usefulness of our tool as a Swiss-army-knife PPC problem solver.

Here’s four problems you won’t need to worry about again – within minutes of installing ClickGUARD.

  • Click Fraud Protection. Every single click, analyzed, verified, and assessed by IP address, geo-location, device ID, duration of visit, quality of interaction and much, much more.
  • Invalid Traffic. Not every bad click is click fraud. But that doesn’t mean you want those clicks, either. Invalid traffic prevention helps you to understand and filter out low-quality and poorly-converting sources of traffic – saving your ad spend for paying customers and genuine prospects.
  • Bots Mitigation. By using our new Bot Probability Assessment, you can drill down into your non-human traffic, and understand exactly when your ads have been clicked by a real person – or by something else.
  • The need for better reporting. Our reporting tools can provide either instant insights or scheduled updates at the interval of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly). Share your reports with anyone on email, and drill down with custom reports to identify specific campaign or keyword issues.

We’re so convinced you’re going to love using ClickGUARD 2.0, we’re offering a seven-day free trial to all new customers, so you can see for yourself how ClickGUARD 2.0 gives you even higher ROAS and better traffic, at a fraction of the time!