Fact is You're Losing Money To Click Fraud!

An amazing 3 out of 4 PPC campaigns are affected by various types of click fraud, some of them with up to 90% fraudulent traffic.

Chances are you’re already paying for click fraud.

Click Fraud Is Affecting Your Business

Money is Being Lost

An estimated 8.2 billion dollars is wasted on ad/click fraud each year. You no longer have to accept this as the cost of doing business.

Your Returns Are Diminishing

Paid traffic is expensive, which makes click fraud a costly problem that’s wasting your money and is significantly decreasing your ROI.

It's Cyber Harassment

Click fraud is a form of cyber harassment. It’s used to discourage competition and demoralize them from certain markets and industries.

It's Disruptive

Persistent click fraud can quickly disrupt your operations, damaging your business resources beyond the point of return.

Resources Are Being Wasted

In addition to monetary losses, significant amounts of time, energy, and capital resources can be wasted combating click fraud.

You're Exposed & Vulnerable

Just like any other form of cyber crime – when left unchecked – click fraud leaves your business vulnerable to a variety of nuisances.

Stop Fraudulent Clicks Now!

Save Money & Boost Your Campaigns By Blocking Wasteful Clicks


Your competitors would love to put you out of business. It shouldn’t be a surprise that an estimated 7 out of 10 businesses will click on their competitor’s ads. Some of them will even do it with the intent of costing you big money!

ClickGUARD takes a digital fingerprint of all clicks and traffic sources to identify and put an end to wasteful competitor click fraud.


An estimated 52% of all internet traffic is generated by bots and crawlers. Thousands of machines disguise as human traffic to target various websites through ad platform networks.

ClickGUARD keeps the world’s largest database of known bots. Our system detects and blocks click fraud robots in real time to protect you from wasteful clicks.


It’s common knowledge that 90% of all paid traffic comes from lookie loos. They will repeatedly click on your ads over and over again but never convert or make a purchase.

Why waste valuable resources on these non-converting clicks? ClickGUARD’s protection system helps you control how much you’re willing to spend for each conversion.

Stop Fraudulent Clicks Now!

Save Money & Boost Your Campaigns By Blocking Wasteful Clicks


Today the web is full of fake everything! Fake engagements, fake likes, fake followers, fake profiles and, of course, fake ad clicks. The majority of these are generated by notorious click farms scattered around the globe.

Our team of engineers work closely with various network security agencies, staying up-to-date and keeping track of these networks to quickly respond the moment click farms attack your ads.


Thousands of paid and free proxy networks are used each day for malicious activities. Our research shows that 99% of proxy clicks come from regions you’re not targeting and they never convert. ClickGUARD can instantly block these faceless, nameless clicks to prevent misuse of your resources.

Our protective shield can identify and immediately block suspicious proxies to protect your advertising resources.


Criminal networks are increasingly turning to the paid traffic industry. Ad fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of organized cyber crime, where highly skilled criminals are determined to get hands on your ad dollars.

ClickGUARD works with a wide network of security industry experts to curate the world’s largest click fraud threat intelligence database, allowing us to identify and block these clicks in real-time.

Stop Fraudulent Clicks Now!

Save Money & Boost Your Campaigns By Blocking Wasteful Clicks

Anonymous Clicks Cost and Waste Money


Do you even know who’s
clicking on your ads?

We remove the anonymity from your ad clicks.


So, who’s really in charge
of your ad spending?

We put you back in the driver’s seat.

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  • Do I need a click fraud protection?

    Fact is: Click fraud is a growing cyber crime and paid traffic is very expensive, so if you wouldn’t leave valuables like your business, cash registers or valuables unprotected why would you leave your campaigns unprotected?

  • Which ad services are affected?

    Click fraud is a global problem affecting all the big paid click advertising platforms including AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, AdRoll, Facebook, Linkedin and many others.

  • Who is doing the click fraud?

    Click fraud can come from a number of sources including, but not limited to, competitors, lookie loo repeat clickers, botnets, click farms, tor nodes, etc.

  • How do I know if it's click fraud?

    Odd spikes and paid clicks without the conversions to match can often be an indicator, however, without thorough analysis based on past CTR and conversion data it would be hard for the naked eye to spot and know exactly which clicks are fraudulent.

  • Will server logs help me identify click fraud?


    Server logs are only part of the data. Dozens and if not thousands of additional data points may need to be taken into account to properly identify offending clicks.

  • Will Google analytics show / confirm click fraud?

    Google analytics was designed to only show generic, ambiguous and anonymous delayed reports about organic and paid traffic. Analytics data is incomplete and does not take a forensic print of all visitors to your website.