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ClickGUARD Brand Assets

For Web and Print Media


These brand materials are assembled to make it quick and easy for you to create accurate and up-to-date ClickGUARD reviews, comments or research comparisons for background information or follow up stories. Feel free to use and reference these items as needed. If you have any questions or need any additional collateral not listed here please contact us.


ClickGUARD protects AdWords accounts from all types of unwanted ad clicks, allowing PPC advertisers to verify and control their paid traffic, protecting them from wasteful ad clicks. We provide the world’s most advanced intelligent click fraud prevention platform and service to businesses seeking to better understand and prevent losses to non-profitable resource draining clicks.

ClickGUARD Software is privately held and headquartered in Playa Vista, CA.

Brand Logos

The ClickGUARD logo is a fully registered wordmark of our company name. It serves as a universal signature on everything from company communications to products to swag. It enables us to maintain consistency and should not be modified in any way.
Primary Color Text – OXFORD Blue & Navy Blue
Primary Color Text – Blue & White
Shield OXFORD / Navy

Acceptable Backgrounds

Where possible, the ClickGUARD logo should sit on a white background or if necessary, a white logo on Gunmetal or Navy blue can be used instead. In select instances, such as page or email footers, the logo may be set in cadet gray and used on background gray.

Brand Colors

The ClickGUARD color palette is meant to be unobtrusive, with thoughtful accents of color. Proper application of these colors will ensure the visual identity is maintained across all branded elements. Color usage should roughly map to the proportions below.

Appropriate Color Proportions

Be mindful of proportions when using color in any ClickGUARD branding identification materials. Using the right amount of color will ensure a consistent balance across all things ClickGUARD.

These proportions are estimates, not exact numbers. Other colors from the core palette may substituted for the main color. Select from the core palette to achieve the base and support color expressions. The remaining balance should be pulled from the accent palette to create the detail expression. Each secondary accent color should account for no more than 2-5% of the total layout, and collectively no more than 10% of all color.

Primary Palette

Our primary palette consists of our brand Gunmetal blue, Navy Blue, Cadet Gray, background gray, and white. Our brand colors should be used thoughtfully to reinforce our identity, as overuse can dilute visual impact. Brand colors on a neutral background is often more successful at establishing brand equity than full washes of the color.

Secondary Palette

The secondary palette serves to accent and thoughtfully complement our primary palette and add visual interest to things like illustrations, data visualization, and presentations. When using these colors, remember to use the appropriate color proportions. Tints and shades should be used to directly supplement the original swatch, and they should never be used in place of the original swatch. They are primarily intended for button states, borders, illustration shadings, and data visualization.

Tings and shades

Tints and shades of the primary palette should be used to directly supplement the original swatch, and they should never be used in place of the original swatch. They are primarily intended for button states, borders, illustration shadings, and data visualization.

Neutral Tints

Neutral tints of grays can be used to shift colors from warm to cool. Black and white should always be used full strength. As with the neutral palette, these colors support the vibrant colors of our palette by providing contrast.


The typography rules on this page focus on marketing-specific styles.



[email protected]#$%^&* Open Sans is our display text typeface. It is used for hero headlines, major headings and pull quotes

Web Styles

Type styles should be set in a color from the primary palette unless otherwise specified.

Hero headline

The H1 headline in the hero area.
Roboto 500

Hero deck

The sub-headline in the hero area. It appears directly below the hero headline.
Roboto 500


The brand guidelines use a 4px baseline grid, which helps create a consistent vertical rhythm on the page.


The iconography ClickGUARD uses can be categorized into two distinct types, both serving distinct roles in ClickGUARDs Visual Design.


ClickGUARD makes your PPC marketing more effective by eliminating repetitive, non-converting money wasting clicks from your Google Ads campaigns which reduces your cost per acquisition.

Boost your conversion rate and maximizer your Google Ads ROI automatically. Know exactly what and where your clicks are coming from with real-time detailed forensic data for every click. ClickGUARD takes seconds to install on any website and CMS platform.
For more on our capabilities please visit our features page:


ClickGUARD is the most powerful pay per click waste and fraud prevention platform for advertisers and agencies looking to remove and prevent repetitive money wasting clicks from their pay ecosystem that makes it easy to integrate with third-party apps and solutions. As an end-to-end solution for click fraud prevention and campaign optimization ClickGUARD can conform to your digital marketing needs, no matter how complex or large they may be.

Connect and integrates with WordPress, Joomla, Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, to name a few, see the full list here:

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans


More to come soon, but for now check out our blog…