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Total Click Fraud protection at the palm of your hands

You can stop click fraud, get easy access to all your Google Ads data and make the best data-driven decisions with the ClickGUARD app. Just install it on your phone and log in to all your ClickGUARD data in just a few quick swipes!

Performance data on the go - for smart and mobile business decisions

We know how important it is to always be in control of your marketing campaigns. To always be informed. And to be able to make smart, fast decisions. The ClickGUARD mobile app allows you to do just that - get all the relevant insight into your Google Ads campaigns - whenever, wherever.

No matter where you are, working remotely from a cafe, commuting, or simply looking for ways to ease your anxiety and always be in touch with your data, the ClickGUARD app allows you to visualize everything in a few easy taps.

Swipe wisely, stop waste!

The ClickGUARD app gives you the freedom to make data-driven decisions on the go. You can use the insights provided by the app to optimize your campaigns, stop click fraud and improve your ROI. All at your fingertips.

Stop click fraud and invalid traffic

Get advanced click forensics: With the ClickGUARD app, you can analyze what happens after a user clicks your ads; you can track all post-clicks activities, identify both relevant and irrelevant traffic.

Remove fraudulent and wasteful clicks: The post-click data provided by our app allows you to view your ClickGUARDset up rules and optimize your PPC campaigns so that you only pay for the traffic that is relevant to your business.

Protect your Google Ads ROI

Make data-driven decisions: The more data you have, the better decisions you can make. The ClickGUARD app offers you advanced click forensics - beyond what you get with Google. You can see exactly what happens behind each and every click.

Find what works for you: We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. The data provided by the ClickGUARD app can help you find patterns and set up rules that work best for YOUR campaigns. By having access to your data on the go, you can analyze what works best for each of your campaigns.

Improve your ROI

Identify traffic that converts: The ClickGUARD Mobile app gives you a forensic overview of what truly happens to each and every click from your Google Ads - including your conversions.

Identify wasteful traffic: Repetitive clicks, click farms, clicks from irrelevant locations, clicks from your competition - you can easily identify all of them in your app.

Always in control, with your data “on the go”

Are your marketing campaigns giving you anxiety? While that is normal in the life of a business owner or a digital marketer, you shouldn’t let anxiety get the best of you. The right mobile apps can help you soothe your mind whenever and wherever you need to.

Get a thorough overview of your data

That feeling of being in control - and knowing exactly how your campaigns are performing and that you are indeed getting the right traffic to your PPC campaigns - may be something you are striving to achieve. Our mobile app does just that - offers you a complete overview of your data, so that you never have to worry about things getting out of hand.

Make the best data-driven decisions

Sometimes, you will want to make business decisions at unusual times and in unusual places - while commuting, during your coffee break, on a Sunday. While we don’t recommend overworking, we know that it is important to base your decisions on data. Having access to your data via an app allows you to not miss any piece of information when making your next big marketing decision.

Review and turn automated rules on and off, wherever you are

Have you set up automated rules in ClickGUARD, to help you block wasteful and fraudulent clicks? With the new mobile app from ClickGUARD, you can easily review and turn these rules on and off wherever you are. Easy, quick, accessible!

Your ClickGUARD data, just a swipe away

We live in a world driven by data. As a business owner or digital marketer, you know how important it is to make all your marketing decisions based on data, and not assumptions. And all this information should be accessible and easy to use. The ClickGUARD app offers:

Ease of use

Protected Campaigns

The big picture


Fast access

Fast Access

Fast action

Fully protected

Empowering remote teams to make the best decisions

In a world of globalization and remote work, technology is often used to connect people and data. As everything is so accessible - just a tap away - we think your Google Ad clicks should be accessible too.

The ClickGUARD mobile app allows you and your team to access your Google Ads campaign data whenever you need to. No need to get to your (home)office, just tap and swipe - it’s as easy as that!