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ClickGUARD features. 
Powerfully customizable.

Our fully-automated powerful features and customizable rules stop fraudulent and money-wasting clicks from ruining your ad campaigns!
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Popular features

With each rule having endless configuration possibilities, ClickGUARD customers can easily protect their Google Ads from the most advanced threats in the market today. 
Proxy VPN detection
Identify, flag, and create block rules based on proxy VPN network detection.
GEO location protection
Detect and block clicks from networks outside your targeted continent or specific countries.
Time-on-site conditions
Post-click analysis based on the amount of time visitors spend on site after clicking on ads.

Google Ads shield

Protect your Google Ads budget with the most dynamic and comprehensive click fraud protection solution available.  
Click frequency protection
Identify, flag, block and label fraud based on unique click and account entity clicks.
Invalid click protection 
Advanced invalid clicks protection that exceeds default one Google Ads is offering. 
Target frequency protection
Campaign, Adgroup, keyword, domain, and landing page based target rules.
Time-on-site protection
User behavior based protection that considers page visits, time spent on site, interaction level and bot probability.
Conversion based protection
Create rules based on converting or non-converting clicks. Easily eliminate repeated visits that never convert.
Click intensity protection
Create rules based on the intensity of clicks on campaigns, adgroups or keywords.

Intelligent Protection

Fraud threat detection that is dynamic and fully adaptable to your specific business or industry.  
Proxy and VPN detection
Identify, flag, and create block rules based on proxy VPN network detection.
Bot detection
Detect, identify, and block crawler bot traffic based on signature.
Campaign level protection
Create and apply rules to specific campaigns within your account.
AdGroup level protection
Create and apply rules to specific AdGroups within your account.
Keyword level protection
Create and apply rules to specific Keyword clicks within your account.
Device level protection
Create and apply rules to specific device type clicks within your account.
Geo-location protection
Detect and block clicks from outside your permitted GEO location (continent or country).
IP range level protection
Create and apply rules to specific IP addresses and IP ranges within your account.
Threat level classification
Set rules to identify, flag and block disruptive click patterns.

Forensic Reporting

ClickGUARD's powerful forensic reports allow you to audit and visually assess all click transactions to gauge quality.
Forensic reports
Google Ads click reporting from more than 40 data-points and associated relational details.
IP address and IP range reports
IP source reporting data with location, threat & quality stats, including IP ranges with associated IP/ISP history.
Keyword click reports
Keyword object analysis reports with relational flags based on unique account rules.
Placement source reports
Google Ads display network analysis with ad placement quality assessment.
Device tracking reports
Individual device ID tracking and post-click behavior analysis reports.
On-demand CSV export
At any point you are able to grab an on-demand export of data in the CSV format.
Scheduled summary reports
This is an easy way to get the latest stats from your ClickGUARD account.
Click quality reports
Detailed insight into flagged clicks for manual reviews (and refunds) from Google.

Automated Optimization

Variety of automated processes that provide you with industry-leading click fraud protection and PPC optimization
Set search campaign click cap
Limit the number of Search clicks every user can perform before being blocked.
Set display campaign click cap
Limit the number of Display clicks every user can perform before being blocked.
Organic traffic monitoring
See how are organic visitors behaving on your website.
Pausing campaigns
In extreme conditions of intensive fraud activity system can automatically pause campaigns.
Ad placements whitelist
Whitelist placement domains that should never be blocked by ClickGUARD rules. 
IP address whitelist
Assign a list of IP addresses that should never be blocked by ClickGUARD's rules.
Custom duration exclusions
Set a default or a custom duration for all blocking and excluding actions.
Manage audiences of converters
Prevent converters from clicking on your ads for a custom time duration or for a specific set of campaigns.

Advanced Customization

Seamless integration with common web and CMS platforms. Fast and easy to install. 
Website platform integrations
Easy installation and integration with most dozens of Web / CMS platform.
WordPress plugin
Native WordPress integration for fast and easy direct tracking code deployment.
Email and Slack notifications
Receive the most important notifications directly to your email or Slack in real-time.
Custom flagging
Flags clicks that trigger custom rules as a result of blocking actions.
Aliases tags
Assign aliases to common IPs, placements, devices, and other entities.

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