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Beyond PPC is a podcast by ClickGUARD covering all the latest stories and insights from PPC and beyond to help you succeed in your digital marketing journey.
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Quantifying Click Fraud vs The Black Magic of Machine Learning?

Episode Sumary

Cheers to another insightful session brought to you by ClickGUARD. Our brilliant host, digital marketer Jason Pittock, and the King of Data Miloš Đekić are tackling a topic you’ve been buzzing about: how can we block bad traffic and wasteful clicks with a transparent solution?

Thanks to an inspiring Reddit thread regarding quantifying click fraud, we go into the details of why trusting a machine learning "black-box" won't give you transparent results. Real click fraud detection starts when all the data is on the table for the taking, and that just what we love talking about! This topic has been on our priority list for a while and this Reddit thread confirmed the need for addressing the issue NOW.

Reddit thread:


ClickGUARD is the only data-driven click fraud prevention tool for your Google Ads. Stop click fraud. Protect your ads from bad traffic and make every click count.

We’re 100%:

1. Transparent - we hide nothing and show everything;
2. Accountable - we offer a paper trail for everything our system does;
3. Customizable - everything can be tweaked for you and your business needs;
4. Controllable - you’re in control!


Jason Pittock


Miloš Đekić

Co-Founder, Head of Product