It looks like Google is on a roll this year! After releasing the new Google Ads Creative Studio earlier this year, Google has now announced the new Google Ads Editor V1.7 too.

One of its main goals?

Bringing support for marketers who advertise in the hospitality and hotel industry.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for hotels has dropped, but that doesn’t mean that your ads have to. With some parts of the world opening up, and as the world gets more and more vaccinated and covid resistant, the hotel industry could rise in both demand and profits as we go back to normal. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to check out the new Google Ads Editor V1.7, which aids advertisers who rely on the hospitality industry for their ads. Hotels and tourism-based businesses can benefit from Google Ads Editor V1.7 as well. With the world opening back up, hotels can now gain revenue from featuring ads – plus, because Google Ads Editor V1.7 is interactive, it’s a great way to hear from people that might be out of your demographic. Your ads can be broadcasted to other business owners, tourists, vacationers, and people of all ages. 

Google Ads Editor V1.7 to Bring Support for Hotel Ads

The Google Ads Editor V1.7 includes increased support for Hotel Ads, easier downloads, YouTube Audio Ads, and lead form extensions.

With the Google Ads Editor V1.7, it’s now possible to reach new customers and drive bookings. If you’re a hotel owner, streamlining the process of bookings is essential – instead of trying to do everything manually or with old software, Google Ads Editor V1.7 makes it easy to run your business, keep track of hotel guests, and provides full support to your Hotel ad campaigns.

It’s also possible to make your ads more download-friendly. For instance, you get to pick and choose which part of your ad users can download, meaning that the most important information can be relayed in a quick and efficient manner. 

This is an especially helpful feature for advertisers as your ads can now be viewed offline, without the need for an internet connection. Your ad campaigns can now be viewed during a user’s travel time, allowing for a bigger reach and on-the-go efficiency. 

When it comes to lead form extensions, Google Ads Editor V1.7 has been updated to allow users to reach out to you and your brand as they search for, discover or interact with your content. 

Audio YouTube Ads on Google Ads Editor V1.7

Audio YouTube Ads are a great way to drive brand awareness, especially for podcast listeners and music listeners. These ads are a great way to get the attention of people who rely on audio. If a business owner has a podcast on while doing work (we’re all guilty of it!), for instance, or if they simply want to enjoy background music while relaxing, YouTube Ads on Google Ads Editor V1.7 can help reach a variety of audiences. 


When traveling, it’s essential to have access to your marketing materials at all times, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Therefore, Google Ads Editor V1.7 will make your life – and the lives of your potential customers – easy as well. With downloadable materials that don’t require wifi, to driving brand awareness, Google Ads Editor V1.7 sounds like a pretty good upgrade.