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ClickGUARD is the world’s most advanced click forensics platform designed to deal with click fraud threats that everybody else misses.



We know the threat and real financial implications of persistent click fraud. That’s why our click forensic experts work with you to assure your business gets the best protection possible.

We’ll guard your ads so you can focus on doing what you do best – running and growing your business.


How ClickGUARD Works

ClickGUARD is the only ADVANCED click fraud detection and prevention platform on the market today. It allows users advanced, high level functionality to monitor and limit click fraud from specific IP addresses and devices with a multitude of fully customizable PPC click fraud protection management features:

Click Frequency Shield

Catches IP addresses and devices that are frequently clicking on your ads.

Target Frequency Shield

Catches IP address and devices that are frequently engaging multiple targets with ad clicks.

Placement Frequency Shield

Identifies ad placements that generate suspicious frequent visits during specified time periods.

Conversion Shield

Aims to prevent showing ads to persons who engage them but never convert.

Time on Site Shield

Catches visitors who click on your ads and quickly leave your site.

Full Protection Control

For specific campaigns, domains, URLs, ad groups, keywords, searches, device types and geographical locations.

Stop Fraudulent Clicks Now!

Save Money & Boost Your Campaigns By Blocking Wasteful Clicks

Full Protection for Your Local Advertising Efforts

  • Live 24/7 Monitoring:

    We monitor and protect your ads 24/7 so you can focus on running and growing your small business!

  • Advanced Tools and Resources

    Gain access to the world’s most advanced click fraud protection tools and click forensics resources.

  • Access To World Leading Experts

    Our team of click forensic experts are the world’s leading researchers on the subject of ad/click fraud.

A Real Solution for National Marketers

  • Get Regional Competitive Insight

    We help you assess the competitive threat profile of your market and protect you from regional competitors far and near.

  • Be Invisible To Competitors

    Remain invisible to your competitors when expanding your advertising efforts to new markets.

  • Avoid Territorial Turf Wars

    We protect your ads to help you avoid turf wars from increasing threats from different geographical markets.

ClickGUARD Protects Global Brands

  • Cover Big Territories with Adequate Insight

    We make sure you’re aware and protected against fraudulent click traffic internationally.

  • Targeted Exposure to The Right Crowd

    We make sure your brand is visible to real customers but your ads are hidden from clicking competitors.

  • Protection against Criminal Networks

    Our platform combats criminal networks click farms with increasing preference for international marketers.

Perfect for Marketing Agencies

  • We Boost Your Clients' Conversions

    Click fraud protection improves your client’s ad performance. This means better conversion and more business for you and your clients.

  • A Real Solution for the Real Problem

    ClickGUARD provides real click fraud protection for a problem you know exists.

  • Fraud is No Longer a Cost of Doing Business

    We prevent click fraud so you no longer have to accept it as cost of doing business.

Stop Fraudulent Clicks Now!

Save Money & Boost Your Campaigns By Blocking Wasteful Clicks

Can You Afford To Be Without Protection?

With ClickGUARD

Without ClickGUARD

The world’s leading experts working for you

Our team of click forensic experts are unrivaled. Using the most advanced detection technology we protect your business like no one else can.

Trying half-baked Do-It-YourSelf faulty Solutions

Trying to figure out all out on your own by using dozens of various tools for collecting your own logs, monitoring, auditing, and blocking.

Get Deep and Detailed Forensic Insight on Every Click

We capture and analysis the forensic DNA of every click against our database of +4 billion data points to validate and assess the threat profile.

You're kept blind and in the dark about paid clicks

You practically know nothing about the traffic you're paying for, only how much the click cost and you're left to assume and guess the rest.

complete 24/7 Proactive Click Protection

ClickGUARD monitors and protects 100% of your clicks 24-hours, 7-days a week allowing you to time to focus on running your business.

Remain a Defenseless and vulnerable to Click Fraud

Without vigilant 24/7 intelligent monitoring systems in place designed to detect and identify all kinds of click fraud, you're left defenseless and vulnerable.

Take fast and immediate Action when it happen.

ClickGUARD instantly identifies and responds by blocking and notifying you within 60 seconds or less to 97% of all click threats.

Left to Deal only with the aftermath effects and losses.

If immediate action is not taken you're left to deal with the aftermath of the effects and often times only after the financial losses have piled up.

Advanced and Highly Customizable Rules Dashboard

No two business, industry, marketing strategy, target audience or click fraud threat is the same, so you should determine who clicks on your ads.

Absolutely Zero Control On Who or What Clicks On Your Ads.

You simply keep paying for every repetitive click from every IP, and every device, and every source, every hour, every day, every week and every month until you get ClickGUARD.

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F.A.Qs On How ClickGUARD Works

  • How do I install the ClickGUARD Shield?

    Installation is incredibly easy, and takes just a few minutes to get started. Our setup wizard will walk you through the process.

  • How do you protect against click fraud?

    Once configured, we track every one of your ad clicks and forensically examine them against +4 billion data points to asses and determine fraudulent nature.

    Fraudulent and suspicious sources are immediately blocked to prevent further attacks.

  • Does it interfere with my traffic?


    Our system takes milliseconds to forensically log clicks before detecting fraud, and remains completely invisible to the naked eye. Click fraud offenders are discretely blocked without their knowledge.

  • How soon does the system start working?

    We start monitoring and processing clicks immediately after setup.

  • Will ClickGUARD work for my business?

    There is no “one solution fits all.” That is why we provide full customization, allowing you to tailor fit the right protection solution for your specific needs.

  • How effective is the detection system?

    ClickGUARD has the most advanced click fraud detection system. Our developers and team of network engineers have years of cyber security experience. We closely monitor and stay abreast of all the latest click fraud methods and cyber crime related activities and continuously introduce new defense mechanisms to our platform.