Google offers the Google Ads certification to individuals who demonstrate basic and advanced proficiency in Google Ads. To become certified, you’d have to embark on a Google Ads Training program. Beyond that, however, there are other Google Ads courses you can take as well. Some are good, some are not that great — but the main differentiator is how they approach the Google Ads curriculum and how they manage to organize the information in easy-to-digest chunks.

But here’s the question of the day for entrepreneurs, marketers, and career-changers: should you embark on a Google Ads training even if you’re not (yet) into PPC?

Why Embark on a Google Ads Training? 

Reasons for Google Ads Training

It’s not that we’re Google Ads geeks (we are, but that’s not the main point here). It’s just that we genuinely see benefits in undertaking Google Ads training, regardless of where you come from: entrepreneurship, other areas of digital marketing, or other industries entirely.

Here’s why.

Google Ads Training for Entrepreneurs

As a digital entrepreneur you may not be directly involved in running your own marketing campaigns. It’s likely you’ve hired an internal PPC (pay-per-click) expert or marketing agency to handle this aspect of the business for you.

Regardless, it’s always smart to understand what you’re paying for. Knowing the ins and outs of your business is a savvy move that can only benefit you as an entrepreneur. 

And at the end of the day, adding more skills to your arsenal is the lifeblood of entrepreneurs in this ever-changing digital landscape. You never know what you might need to know, so you can’t go wrong with knowing more. 

Google Ads Training for Non-Google Ads Marketers

As a marketer who is not specialized in Google Ads, embarking on a Google Ads training can still help you understand other elements of digital marketing. Marketing is like chess, and a smart player will learn how all the pieces on the board work in tandem to achieve victory.

After completing a Google Ads training you are well on your way to earning a Google Partner badge. Google Partners are recognized for having Google Ads skills and expertise, and their names are listed on a verified website of partners. With your name on that list, you can easily reach potential customers that are looking for a marketing consultant or advertising agency.

Google is giving you an endorsement and helping people find you, which can lead to new leads and opportunities. As a Partner, you’d also be eligible for a plethora of perks like additional trainings, rewards, and other resources.  

Google Ads Training for Career-Changers and Side-Hustlers

Knowledge is power. When you’re working a day job while trying to make your side hustle take off, or taking the leap into a career change, power can seem like the last thing you feel. More like – terrified, uncertain, and anxious, right?

Arming yourself with a certification through the Google Ads training can be the prolific shift you need to recenter and feel in control of your own narrative. A certification proves both to you and to your future clients that you have what it takes, and the confidence that comes with that is priceless. 

The Partner Badge option we mentioned above is another great reason why someone with a side-hustle or thinking about taking the plunge into a new career should consider a Google Ads training. The certification gives you credibility and, essentially, free promotion.  

Google Ads Training for Google Ads Beginners

We have good news and bad news for you. 

The bad news: Google Ads is not a walk in the park for beginners. It takes patience and dedication to master, and it’s not uncommon for marketers to quit too soon because they don’t take the time to hone their skills.

But Google is the current search engine giant accounting for 86 percent of the global search market, and you want to learn how to navigate Ads well so you can grow your business and/or marketing abilities to take advantage of that massive digital space.

The good news: Google Ads training can benefit platform newbies by giving you foundational knowledge and exposing you to different ways of working with Google Ads. Through the certification you’ll learn how to navigate Google Analytics, create successful marketing campaigns, and be better equipped to make strategy implementation decisions that are the best for your company.

It’s also a critical tool for you to understand your customers’ habits and connect that to your brand and site. Getting to the crux of what works and what doesn’t is the key to a thriving business. 

How to Find the BEST Google Ads Training

There are a plethora of companies out there offering Google Ads training and certification. It can be overwhelming to do a search and come up with so many hits, but no worries, we’ve got your back. 

Google itself offers (free!) training courses. You must pass exams to achieve certification, but with over 20 hours of content covering display ads, shopping ads, apps, video, and more, you’ll walk away with a ton of new knowledge and be fully prepared to crush the exams. 

If you are looking for Google Ads training that’s even more well-organized and actionable, do check out The Google Ads Masterclass we’ve created. Not to brag, but it’s pretty good 😉.

When looking for the best Google Ads training, consider things like pricing, and expertise. Each of the above courses is taught by Google Ads gurus, and they are free or affordable.

Most important is what you get out of the class – a certification is of no use if you don’t have the skillset to back it up in practice. Check out the “What You’ll Learn” sections for each course to make sure the course you choose is what you’re looking for. If you’re a complete beginner, it might be a good idea to go with a course geared toward fundamentals. If you’ve dabbled in Google Ads before, maybe a more advanced masterclass is the way to go. 

A Google Ads and/or PPC masterclass will elevate your game further in the digital business and marketing realm. ClickGuard created a Google Ads Masterclass you can check out – it’s an A to Z course designed to teach you everything you need to create effective PPC strategies, use Google Ads to your advantage, and grow your business. 

So, What’s the Conclusion?

Let’s circle back to the question we raised at the beginning of this article: should you, as an entrepreneur, marketer, career-changer, or whatever you may be, embark on the journey of a Google Ads training to become certified?

For entrepreneurs, the answer is: yes, it’s a good idea. Even if you don’t run your own marketing campaigns, you can never go wrong with understanding what you’re paying for and increasing your skill set.

For marketers, even those who don’t use Google Ads – also a good idea. Especially when Google itself offers free training courses, why not? You’d gain a deeper understanding of marketing strategies to make you a better player on the digital chess board, and Google’s endorsement of those who get certified is essentially free promotion and credibility. 

What about all you brave career-changers and side-hustlers out there – can you guess our recommendation? A Google Ads training is probably a good idea (😉). Arm yourself with new knowledge and prove to yourself that you have the tools to make your business venture a success. A certification also shows your inevitable clients that you can deliver the results they’re looking for. 

As for Google Ads beginners – definitely! A Google Ads training course will set you apart from the rest of the pack by equipping you with foundational and in-depth knowledge about making the most of ad space on the largest search engine network. 

There you have it. A Google Ads training is pretty much a good idea overall, no matter who you are. Finding the best course for you will take a bit of research, but we’ve listed some of the top ones out there where certified experts will send a ton of information your way for free or at an affordable price.