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Negative Keywords in Google Ads - Why and How to Use Them?

Negative keywords, as their name suggests, are the opposite of regular keywords. A negative keyword in a search query ensures that your ad doesn’t show up on the results page. So, for example, if you have a store that specializes in speaker systems, but you don’t want your ad to appear in search results when […]

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Should Advertisers Worry About Chrome 75 Lazy Loading Update?

An upcoming Google Chrome feature might hurt ad revenue, but it might also give us a new way to fight against ad fraud. According to a report published by the Search Engine Journal, Google Chrome’s June 9th update is packing what could be a nasty surprise for publishers: native lazy loading. At the moment, lazy […]

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Google Ads Click Fraud Refund Explained

Do all the invalid clicks your ads are getting make you feel worried? Are you afraid you’ll be forced to pay for invalid or, even worse, downright fraudulent clicks? Do you think there should be a way to ensure that you only pay for the ads with genuine clicks? If the answer to any of […]

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Invalid Clicks in Google Ads and How to Stop Them

Click fraud is a serious issue. Statistics show that ad fraud will cost advertisers $19 billion in 2018. This means advertisers are expected to lose $51 million a day due to PPC invalid clicks. This is something that marketers are worried about. As much as 78% of advertisers reported that they're concerned with invalid ad […]

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The Threat of Competitor Click Fraud

Click fraud refers to the process of generating unwanted clicks on PPC advertising campaigns. These clicks are unwanted because, for whatever reason, they will never generate a sale. They might be caused by a human, or a program (bot), but either way, no matter how many visits they make to your page, you will never […]

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