Click Forensics & Protection Glossary

The forensics & protection space is full of acronyms and jargon, and ClickGUARD is here to help. Our click forensics and protection glossary is a dictionary of the terminology most commonly used by click forensics professionals.

Expand your click forensics vocabulary today!

This glossary provides an alphabetic listing of the terms often used and associated with various paid traffic and marketing platforms. It's an easy way to learn more about PPC and what the heck CPA, CPC, or even what an IP address is. Spend enough time here and pretty soon you to will speak the language of and sound like a true click forensic expert.

Above the fold

The top most portion of a webpage that is visible without users having to scroll. Read full definition

Ads - Advertising

An overview of the different and various types of digital advertising formats. Read full definition

Ad Click

A click on your paid advertisement by a targeted online user. Read full definition


AdSense is an online advertising platform created and curated by Google. Read full definition

Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

Average amount of money you are charged for a single click on your ad. Read full definition

Anonymous Click

A click that has no or very little information associated with the user who has clicked on your ad. Read full definition

AOV - Average Order Value

Average dollar amount that is spent for each order a customer places. Read full definition

Blackhat Clicks

A click on your ad, generated by a sophisticated script, designed to imitate real users. Read full definition


Estimated amount of spendings for marketing campaigns. Read full definition

Bing Ads

A Search Engine Marketing and PPC advertising platform. Read full definition


Planned series of actions and ad groups aimed at promoting and selling a product or service. Read full definition

Click Fraud

The practice of falsifying clicks on a PPC campaign aimed to eliminate competition or gain more profit for the hosting website. Read full definition

Competitor Clicks

Malicious practice of your competition spam clicking on your PPC ads in order to spend your advertising budget. Read full definition


The act of a visitor completing a desired action such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. Read full definition

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition

The amount spent on making a user become a customer. Read full definition

CPC - Cost Per Click

The amount paid to search engines and publishing websites when a user clicks on their ad. Read full definition

CPM - Cost Per 1000 Impressions

Sum of money paid for each 1000 impressions (times the ad was shown) rather than clicks. Read full definition

CTR - Click Through Rate

The ratio of the overall number of clicks and impressions of the ad. Read full definition

Crawler Clicks

A crawler click refers to an ad or page click made by a crawler, authorized by the advertising platform. Read full definition

Display Networks

A platform that connects advertisers (businesses who are looking to get their ads shown online) with publishers. Read full definition


A list of contacts you want to exclude from your campaign or emails to avoid repetition, target specific accounts, etc. Read full definition

Fraudulent Click

The practice of clicking display ads with a sole purpose to generate more ad revenue. Read full definition


Targeting visitors based on their specific geographic location. Read full definition

Ghost Clicks

An automatic, software-induced link click, similar to a blackhat click. Read full definition


Graphical representation of a metric (clicks, scrolls, mouse tracking) with the use of color-coding. Read full definition

Keyword Match Type

A type determining the range of related keywords to display ads on. Read full definition


Each time your ad is displayed on a web page. Read full definition

Invalid Click

Clicks that are considered illegitimate including unwanted or falsified malicious clicks. Read full definition

IP Address

A numeric identifier for all existing digital devices (computer, mobile device, etc.) that allows communication via Internet. Read full definition

LTV - Lifetime Value

Net value gained from a single customer throughout the entire time he/she remains a customer. Read full definition

Lookie-loo Click

An ad click that was made by a real user with no intention of buying the advertiser’s product or services. Read full definition

Negative Keywords

Using a negative keyword means asking the search engine not to display your ad for searches containing that particular keyword. Read full definition

Non-converting Clicks

A click on a display ad that doesn’t result in the desired conversion. Read full definition

PPC - Pay Per Click

The type of advertising where you pay per every click on your advert. Read full definition


Proxies are systems on computers that act as middlemen between your device and another server from which you are requesting a service. Read full definition

Quality Score

A ranking provided by Google that shows the relevance of your chosen keyword for your PPC ad. Read full definition

RPV - Revenue Per Visitor

Sum of money generated per each visitor, which totals in the overall revenue from visitors divided by their number. Read full definition


ROAS calculates the profit generated for every dollar put in the ad campaign. ROI calculates the income of the ad in relation to its cost. Read full definition

Search Network

A complex of search engine-related websites and apps where your ad can appear through Google AdWords. Read full definition

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

A form of Online Marketing aimed at increasing a website’s visibility and ranking mainly through paid advertising. Read full definition

Search Partners

Non-Google websites that partner up with Google and appear in its Search Network to publish paid ads on them. Read full definition

Search Query

What is entered into the search engine in order to get information. Read full definition

Statistical Significance

Indicates that the results are due to the campaigns versus other random circumstances. Read full definition

Tracking Code

A small snippet of your HTML added to your page that tracks what the user does after clicking on your ad. Read full definition

Text Ads

Online ads shown on Google search that include a headline, a display URL and a small description. Read full definition

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

Web address that serves as a reference to your web resource. Read full definition

Unique Visitor

The number of users who visited the website during a certain period. Each visitor is only counted one time. Read full definition

Visitor Segmentation

Dividing visitors based on certain criteria such as demographics. Read full definition